Family life, Making a band and New releases- Shin from Heavensdust tells Kirin more..

Who are the members of HeavensDust and how did you start playing music as a profession?

My name is Shin, I do vocals, guitars and produce the band HeavensDust. I did a couple bands with friends but wanted to make my own songs by my self. After I finished recording the songs, I sent a demo tape to a Japanese label and they wanted to hear it live. But I didn’t have any band members or wasn’t thinking of making it into a band so I gathered friends and that’s how HeavensDust started.


You use a lot of contrasting in your music, as you say from light/dark and from silence/sound, what inspires you to do this?

Shin: I think all things have the opposite sides. I grew up in a family that people thought it was a nice happy one family. But I had a lot of problems with my father and not many people saw that part. I guess Japan has those kinda cultural problems. People think its a peaceful nice place with economy but Japan has billions of debts. We try to hide the bad side of it and make people see it as good.


Are their any Western bands in particular who influence your sound?

Shin: Yes!! tons! Well when I first Smashing Pumpkins show that’s when I thought I wanted to do a band like them. I was also influenced by Korn, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Ill Nino, Cypress Hill....etc…These bands are almost biblical to me.


You’re releasing a bonus album soon, its been two years since the last album, what can fans expect from this new one?

Shin: Oh its totally different from what people have heard from our old albums. Our new one is coming out also and its the HeavensDust sound but this bonus album.....its really really different. But I’ve always wanted to do like this experimental alternative kinda music so it was good and all members of the band really love this album. I want people to listen to it as if they are watching a movie, sit and relax in front of the speaker and just listen to the music. Do nothing else.


Would you ever want to tour out of Japan? If so, where do you feel would be the best place to show off your music?

Shin: Hell Yes!!!!!!! hmmm I don’t know where the best place that will be but we would really love to tour to the states and Europe.


HeavensDust has already been going for ten years, are there any plans for what you hope to achieve over the next ten years?

Shin: In the next ten years I would really love to go outside of Japan. We've done enough here. I really want to see the other world and share music with all kinds of people.


You seem to be a band that keeps very quiet about its private lives, do you feel it helps in creating your image? Or have you just not been given the opportunity to open up?

Shin: hahaha, we're not trying to create a image or anything! Our private lives are boring! Well I'll tell you my hobby. I do MMA and I love to fight in the ring...


Which song do you think someone who is new to your music listen to first?

Shin: Well right now, “Cry And Fall” from our bonus album. That's the song that is very expressive of HeavensDust right now.


Some bands find it easier to write lyrics in English rather then in Japanese, do you think this when you write a song?

Shin: Yes, I don’t know why but it's really hard for me to write lyrics in Japanese....


Do you have a message for your fans in the UK?

Shin: I just like to thank everyone of you who has supported us. We would really, really love to tour down to UK and I hope we will see you soon!! Thanks!!!