Number of tracks: 11

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 16th October 2015

How The Cookie Crumbles

(featuring Iggy Pop)
Move It
(featuring Richard Z Kruspe)
Barrel of My Own Gun
(featuring Noko from Apollo 440)
Kill to Love You
(featuring Matt Tuck)
Walking Through the Night
(featuring Iggy Pop)
Texas Groove
(featuring Shea Seger)
Into the Light
Battle Without Honour of Humanity

Tomoyasu Hotei is renowned in his home country of Japan, selling out stadium shows with his incredible and jaw-dropping performances, writing and composing brilliant pieces of music (some of which he probably doesn't get the recognition he deserves here in the West), and collaborating with other musicians and vocalists to further stamp his print on the music industry. 
Hotei is now currently living in London and is taking things another step forward by attempting to break that Western barrier with a string of performances and appearances and of course his brand new album "Strangers". 

"Strangers" is in one sentence an impressive eclectic album that will have you in awe and running to grab a ticket for his next live show (which is on the 21st of October at Islington's Assembly Hall). 

We have vocal contributions from American singer-songwriters Iggy Pop and Shea Seger who both offer totally separate musical direction for this album. Iggy Pop brings, with his signature vocals, a distinctive and almost punk-pop quality to the tracks "How the cookie crumbles" and "Walking through the night".
On the other hand Shea Seger's "Texas Groove" that directly follows "Walking through the night" takes us on an upbeat southern blues journey that is perfectly sensual making it a hard task to not move your body along to this song. Hotei definitely knew what he was doing when he wrote this track! 

Tomoyasu Hotei doesn't exclude UK musicians from his new album though. Matt Tuck, vocalist and guitarist of Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine, provides vocals for the not-so-metal "Kill to love you". I do not doubt though that fans on both sides will appreciate this song. Matt's voice is actually very well suited alongside the slower tempo, the almost rock-ballad feel and the beautiful classical harmonies that join in later. 

Although you have all these superstar names from across the globe taking a key part in Hotei's new material... you don't get a chance to forget just who is the mastermind behind it all. 
Tomoyasu Hotei gives us four of his own solo tracks to keep us mindful and entertained at the same time, but it is not until you get right to the end of the album where (if you failed to actually read the track-list before listening to the album) you are most greatly rewarded. I won't spoil it here. "Strangers" will be released officially on the 16th of October... go buy it!!