Bloomsbury Bowling Alley
26th June 2011
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Nothing completes another day, and indeed an entire full weekend, at a convention than a well anticipated after-party. MCM Expo this year sees the welcome return of Japanese musician HITT,  who was announced only a few weeks prior as the official live artist for the evening. 

Originally the show was to begin at 8pm and for those early birds who came straight from MCM Expo to the Bloomsbury Bowling Alley, the wait would be another two hours due to technical problems. This did not seem to bother the individuals, some still in their bright and home-made cosplay, as the bar was open on arrival and of course the bowling lanes too were put into action. 

As HITT made his last preparations on stage, the show finally began at around quarter past ten to encouraging cheers from the crowd gathered at the modest stage. 
From the very beginning of HITT's performance he oozed with such energy that you would not have guessed that he had travelled overseas that same day. Any hint of fatigue was thrown to the wind by his showmanship on stage in front of the audience, from the entertaining choreography of his dance moves, expert high kicks, crowd involvement and of course his ecclectic material and vocal range. The only time that HITT seemed to stand still was when he was adjusting the keyboard, the microphone stand or speaking to the audience in between songs. 

The crowd themselves seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the event but things took a different turn when HITT, in a scene of amusing confusion and drama, seemed to take a tumble from the stage. Whilst lying on the floor in front of the bemused audience, he put the microphone to his mouth and uttered "Why so much space here? Room to sleep?" which brought laughs as the audience now realised what he was doing. Up until this point there had been a perfect semi circle gap, almost like there was an invisible barrier, but as HITT returned to his place on stage this gap immediately filled in. 

As the live performance continued with a generous mix of his softer, melodic and classical songs and then picking the pace up once more with his jazzier rock material, most notably "Kakko tsuke man", the audience needed next to no encouragement from HITT to follow along with both the English lyrics and the accompanying dance moves to the catchy choruses. 
As this progressed, HITT took things to another level again, without warning pulling up unsuspecting members of the crowd up onto the stage to dance with him for the more trickier and not the easier parts of course!

HITT's live performance tonight at Bloomsbury Bowling Alley was excellently executed. Even with the original sound malfunction which took his performance back two hours, and also snagged a few times here and there whilst he was on stage, he still performed his entire set as planned and on top of that continued with the signing session after the live as well.