HITT 2010

KW managed to grab a quick word with HITT post-performance at Kitacon, check out what he had to say!

Special thanks go to Gota.

First of all, Fantastic show, it seemed like the crowd really liked you!

Thank you, Yeah it was a good crowd.


As Kitacon is an Anime and Manga Convention, were you worried the audience wouldn't be as interested in your music as much as the anime?

When we arrived at the venue, I noticed immediately that people were into Manga and Anime due to their costumes, I didn't think they would be interested in music- especially not Jrock!


From the fans that we have spoken to after the live, so far you have been given a good review, Even from the Anime fans (!), So we could congratulate you on that?

I really only cared about getting people involved and being involved in the show, I just wanted an opportunity to be myself, be the individual that I am. I noticed that people here might not be into Jrock or Visual Kei, but just wanted them to have fun.


Did you find there was any added pressure on you and your performance when you heard that Gothika had cancelled? Did you think the fans here would now expect more from the show you were giving?

So long as I got to play for 90 minutes, I wasn't bothered. There are lots of Japanese artists, all are different, but tonight, I was the only musician playing so it was ok. I got to be the only Japanese musician to show people what my music is like and try to get people to warm to me.


Do you think did good job of showcasing yourself tonight?

Yes, It was one of the best shows.


Would you say it was better than your Camden show in september last year?

Since the Camden appearance, I have wanted to be back, to have another opportunity to do it all over again, my appearance last year was different- But I'm glad to be back!

Would you say there is any difference to the fans/crowds in the UK to places such as the rest of Europe or Japan?

 The difference between British fans and French fans is, that because I work with Ramen Events who base their work in Europe, I travel and play in many parts of French speaking parts of Europe, such as France and the French speaking part of Belgium. There is a market for Jrock and Visual Kei bands such as myself and Moi Dix Mois. Whenever I play in a French speaking country, because I am already popular there due to the press I end up playing to fans who know me and my music very well. In the UK, The people always seem happy with my music, which is unexpected, it impresses me that they finally like my music, I like the UK fans very much.


So you'd be looking to come back to the UK again on a solo tour next time then?

Very much so!


Finally, how does it feel to have large group of people, at one moment barely know your name, come to your show out of curiosity, and then 90 mins later have them screaming to have you back on stage?

I have had a lot of similiar experiences like this before- Even in Japan! After I perform, Everyone ends up happy because I know I knew how to work hard on the performance and with the crowd.


Thank you for your time, It was lovely to meet you and we hope to see you soon! KW.

Thank you, thank you.