HITT 2009

KW: Who inspired, or influenced, you to write and perform music?

HITT: People often ask me questions like this and I always get confused by it. There is no doubt I love music, but I believe Ive never influenced by particular musicians so far, and at ordinary times I mainly listen to my own music. Among musicians, I think I might be one of the most ignorant guys as for knowledge about the other artists/bands. Whenever I talk with my friends about the other musicians work, Im too ignorant to follow what they say(LOL), and Im always impressed with their wealth of knowledge about it. Generally speaking, Japanese somehow tend to be timid of being different from the other people, yet, for me, following what the other people do to be the same as them would need much more bravery! So, when I create my own music or perform my work, I always try to face myself(the ego) to find out thoroughly who I am



KW: What was the first gig/concert you went to, and how did this impact on you?

HITT: My first concert in my life was the gig of my elder brothers band at the local club when I was a secondary school student. I remember very well how I was surprised with the extremely big and loud sound. And I thought, Hell, If I were the singer I would sing better than him



KW: What place that you performed at had the biggest impact on you? Have you ever had an strange or weird experience?

HITT: Since Ive started my career as HITT, Ive performed at various places with various situations ; I sang at the little pubs in front of the drunken middle-aged fellows, at the hospitals in front of old people, at the kindergarten with the naughty kids, and I even had sang for the mental cases or the Downs syndrome patients, which were just a small part of my past experiences, although I still remember all the details very well. Though it was such a difficult/hard period in my career, Im now very appreciate for these precious experiences.



KW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

HITT: Well, Ten years afteryou see, no one knows the future, right? Pluswant to know something? Like, back 10 years ago I was a singer for a band and wanted to have a major deal. I never had imagined things like me performing in Europe as a solo artist ten years after. Butmaybe one things sure what Ill doing in the next decade ; Ill still be trying to keep on being the No.1 awesome/good-looking one in the world. As an artist who performs on stage, always being the good-looking guy amongst the other men has been my biggest target since the beginning.



KW: Your first mini album "Kakkotsuke Man" was released earlier this year, and now also in Europe, which is your favourite song off this album and why?

HITT: I love all of the songs of course. Butif I dare to pick one from the album, it would be  Kakkotsuke Man . When I decided to release the song, I created and fixed up all the concepts/tactics/the details of the character Kakkotsuke Man , and Im so glad that Ive finally gotten an opportunity to get people know this special tune of mine in Europe. I can say  Kakkotsuke Man  had brought me the turning-point with lucky omen!



KW: How would you describe your style in the music and fashion sense?

HITT: Always being original and unique is definitely one of the most important factors, both in my music style and my fashion style. As for fashion, I always manage to dress well in any clothes even if they are too senseless, unfashionable and rustic for the ordinary people. My costume for the albums inner sleeve of  Kakkotsuke Man  isnt it, in fact, weird ? You know, its the silver scarf with the bare body! (LOL) But, wellI mean,I actually did dress well though, eh? And its the same as my music; any type of songs I sing would be all awesome!



KW: What current musicians from Japan have inspired you in regards to playing in the UK?

HITT:  As I answered in the above question, I dont care about the other musicians, and I hate to be compared to the others. I dislike hearing something like, He was like this, so youd better follow the similar thing as he did. Ive gotten things I should do, and I want myself just the way I am



KW: Do you believe that the reaction you get varies from different fans in different countries you have played, if so, how do they differ?

HITT: Well, the reactions from the audience were different in each of the countries. But as the shows went on, like Id planned before the shows, I had perfectly controlled them at my will afterallWaitbutI must say the British audience was outstanding and unique. Each of them had a strong character and seemed to simply want to have some fun. They had been in an uproar, had made a huge fuss during my shows and they hadnt followed my agitation, which is totally different than the Japanese audience!



KW: What can the UK audience expect from you at your next live at Kitacon?

HITT: WellIll try my best not to be yielded to the strong and powerful character of the British audience! Plus Ill try to prove my English skill better? (LOL) Andguess what else, eh? WellI wont tell you exactly for  now, because I still want to leave it as a special surprise for my next appearance!



KW: Do you have a message for your fans here in the UK?

HITT: Get it! ...You know, you and I arent able to meet in person till the next March, so, when we meet againlets exchange each others love a lot!! Till thenfarewell, and I love HITTERS!!