Kirin Works caught up with Ryo and Shuu of Girugamesh before their show at Islington's O2 Academy...

Please tell Kirin Works and your fans here in the UK what your favourite thing about Great Britain is.

Shuu: My favourite thing is the British flag!

Ryo: I love English fans, they are always giving us such hot power!


Your music has evolved since the band began, testing out new sounds and different genres... how would you say your music has changed? How have you changed as musicians?

Shuu: We love music and enjoy challenges. We try to combine all different genres that inspire us to make the sound our own.

Ryo: I still enjoy playing drums just as much as a I did from the start. My new feelings are that the more professional we are on stage, the more money we can make from this.


You have just released your newest album ('GO - Gekiatsu Ban') - please tell us which song you regard as your favourite?

Ryo: Destiny

Shuu: Mission Code


 If you had the opportunity to hold one concert where there were no limitations at all, what would you do... what would you have?

Shuu: I want us to do a full world tour of every country and every city IN every country, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs.


We know that touring on a bus, with not all that much space to work with, can be pretty hectic... please tell us something about one of your band mates that really irritates you.

Shuu: I always like to fall asleep in the lounge on the bus but everyone hates it when I do...

Ryo: Everyone is fine, we all know we have little space and are very careful...except Shuu who likes to sleep in the lounge!


If there is one thing that you must do in your life, like a once in a lifetime thing or something you have to fulfil, what would that be?

Ryo: I have too many but we all want to play all around the world to all our fans who haven't had the chance to see us play yet.

Shuu: I want a wife in every city!

That would be pretty expensive!

Shuu: Yes! I will have to make lots more money first then!


If you could have your own brand of something what would have and what would it be called? For example, some musicians have a range of perfume/clothing etc...

Ryo: I would want to have my own line of Motorbikes..

Shuu: Clothes and my own merchandise.


If you could tour with anyone, anyone at all, who would it be?

Ryo: We want to play with...Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, KoRn, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson...all the nu metal bands that inspired us with their music.


What is the thing you struggle most with when you tour in foreign countries? Are there any barriers you face here in the UK?

Ryo: Language is a big barrier but I am trying to learn English (points to translator) He is my teacher!

Shuu: English prefer eating bread to eating rice...apart from this is feel there is no major barrier for me.


Finally, please give a message to your UK fans...

Shuu: We are touring overseas when there is a big Earthquake panic in Japan. So we want everyone to enjoy our shows regardless of this.

Ryo: We will continue playing with our band and with smiles! Please give us the same support in the future and we can enjoy everything together!