Girugamesh - MONSTER


Run time: 51 minutes
Number of tracks: 14

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 29th November 2013

Zantetsuken -MONSTER ver-
antilon pit
Live is Life
Zecchou BANG!! -MONSTER ver-
Another way
Limit Break

"MONSTER" is quite positively one of those albums that can be agreed as a breakthrough. For the past few years Girugamesh have been dabbling in the electronic and occasional metal dubstep sound which has been met with near unequivocal appreciation from fans worldwide. Now they have offered us a collection of fourteen tracks that radiates brilliance. Turn up the volume, plant those headphones on securely, and be prepared to re-discover your excitement and love for this band. 
From the opening "Intro", something that has frequented Girugamesh albums since their self titled album in 2008, you are instantly hooked with a collaboration of heavy beats, rhythms, growling vocals and of course a little bit of dubstep. 
What follows is an exhilerating ride of fast paced and highly satifying (not to mention anticipated) tracks. Taking away those that you have probably already heard on their previous single releases last year, including the heavy and slightly raw sounding "Limit Break" or the bouncing melodies and bass rhythms of "Zecchou Bang!!", we have tracks like "VOLTAGE" and especially "antlion pit" that are equally gratifying for those fans who enjoy the side of Girugamesh that is a little more darker with plenty of headbanging moments and cool guitar riffs to enjoy. 
Along with the brush with metal element that Girugamesh still add in from time to time, there is plenty of lovely melodies from both the instrumentation and the vocal work. 
Bringing up the latter end of the album "BAD END DREAM" and "Another way" offer something a bit more... calmer. The overall effect that will come over you listening to these two tracks is the need to probably dance and shout along with the lyrics which, as can be expected, will fit in superbly for a live performance. 

All in all Girugamesh have hit the nail on the head with this album. You can almost say that they have created something that compliments everything that they have accomplished over the years they have been together and yet still has a fresh, alternative vibe to it. "MONSTER" could very well be that album that Girugamesh might have to work miracles to beat but in the meantime we can enjoy this for the excellence that it is and of course look forward to the upcoming European tour to which any of these tracks will be met with an abundance of thrills and of admiration.

"MONSTER" will be released in Europe officially on the 29th of November.