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gravitation (ep)
Zecchou BANG!

24th September 2014

Written by Rachel Yarwood
After the ambitious and monster (no pun intended!) of a last album, Girugamesh are back with their five track EP "Gravitation", and it really needs no words to push the brilliance of this new release. 

If a little unconventional "Go ahead" is the opening track, however it certainly sets the bar high for the rest of the EP. 
Starting things off slowly, Satoshi gives us a more delicate tone to his vocals that seems to be less frequent with their material these days, but soon this gives way to growls and a mixture of the familiar electro and metal riffs that is continuing to keep fans intrigued and excited. 

"gravitation" continues on the metal path with a racier but more melodic tone. The instrumental to this track is especially epic by no means. In three parts Girugamesh entertain us with first the heavier, great for head-banging, part which leads onto a softer and reflective section and finally finishing with a guitar piece from Nii. Great things come in three's so some say. 

Girugamesh on the other hand have given us great things in a five track release. "Not Found" and "reflection" follow with some impressive guitar work, pounding rhythms from the drums and Shuu's bass, and Satoshi's deft vocal range that takes us neatly takes us from metal growls to rap to melodic chorus' with skill. But it is "Vortex" that gives us that final piece of pleasure on this release. "Vortex" is the icing on every metal-head's cake. By far this is the most destructive sounding track on the EP that from the very first seconds will make you wish you had a portable mosh pit. 

"gravitation" will be released officially on the 24th of August in Europe and will feature the five tracks as mentioned.

11th September 2013

Written by Rachel Yarwood
It has been over a year since we have seen a release from Girugamesh but the release of "INCOMPLETE", the quartet's newest single, definitely makes up for the quiet period. 
We remember the experimental side of 2011 and 2012, switching between electronic and the heavy rock, mixing a little dubstep along the way but this single is so much more refined and will undoubtedly cause near enough every fan across the globe to throw their fists in the air in celebration for this. 
The title track, "INCOMPLETE", starts things off with a funky guitar introduction (Nii), which tricks us into thinking that this will be your ordinary rock song. As the song opens fully this alters your perception completely as the composition adds a heavy and outstanding electronic element to the mix, along with a deep and bouncing bass rhythm (Shuu) and a pounding drum beat (Ryo). 
Satoshi's vocals are impeccably clear and add to the melody even more with a combination of singing and speaking through out. 
Altogether this opening track, even at nearly four minutes long, comes to an end in a blink of an eye and leaves you wanting to hit replay again and again.
The second track entitled "Limit Break" continues in this fashion but is a little more heavier. There is one element of electronica which is a feature played from the beginning and between vocals which compliments the darker tone that is coming through from the guitar work. There is an extra heavy, near metal, quality to the bridge as Nii throws in a guitar solo and the vocals themselves switch from Satoshi's catchy melodies, slight growling, and a chorus of background vocals that will surely fit exceptionally well for their national live shows due this year. 
Lastly, "takt", the third track on the single is the less heavy track… sort of. The verses are smoother but this is by no means the ballad track at the end of a release meant to calm your senses. There is an element of dubstep that shines through remarkably, adding an extra edge to the track, putting this on a pedestal hard to match. 
"INCOMPLETE" will be released officially on the 11th of September in two editions, a Regular and a Limited Edition. 
The Regular Edition will come with four tracks in total, "INCOMPLETE", "Limit Break", "Takt" and "INCOMPLETE - instrumental". 
The Limited Edition will feature the song "INCOMPLETE" and one other track which is a demo of what can be heard for their upcoming album set for official release in November!


26th September 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Zantetsuken", the follow up single after their last "Zecchou Bang!", certainly had a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding it from their fan base. 
In a short introductory sentence, "Zantetsuken" is arguably the single, which stands out above the rest this year alone. 
Not only does it follow on perfectly from "Zecchou Bang!" in style, but brilliantly enough it sounds both fresh whilst hinting at songs of past releases such as from their self titled album "Girugamesh". 
The track opens with a short humming of Nii's guitar before the song opens fully with a heavy, fast paced and incredibly catchy rhythm. Nii's guitar arrangement is not the only familiar element featuring in "Zantetsuken", but the drumming from Ryo also brings back some reminiscing of older songs. Ryo's skills are certainly defined in a mass of stylish, yet slightly metal-core in a few places, beats and crashes on his cymbals.
The only thing, which seems to be missing is the distinctive separation of Nii's guitar arrangement and Shuu's bass lines. Shuu's bass is still distinctive with a deep and heart pounding rhythm, but the originality and edginess perhaps isn't laid bare enough, instead it flows neatly along in the background. 
Satoshi's vocals for "Zantetsuken" bring back another quality of Girugamesh, which for a while had been feared to have expired. Though his vocals are not as scream-o and punk-ish as they were in the beginning, think back to the releases of 2007 and 2008 and you get the jist. There is an edge to the tone of his voice, accompanied by background growls and sections of the song which have definitely been made for those live-show head-banging moments, it is the perfect finishing touch to this new track. 
One thing that would be considered as a set back with this new release is the lack of the new material on the CD. There is only the title track and the instrumental to follow, but apart from that minor detail, "Zantetsuken" is a strong new track for fans of the rock quartet. 
"Zantetsuken" will be released officially on the 26th of September in one edition, which is 'Limited Pressing'. 
The CD will feature the two tracks, "Zantetsuken" and "Zantetsuken" (instrumental), whilst the DVD will feature bonus footage.

4th July 2012
Zecchou BANG!
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Over the last few years, Girugamesh (Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Ryo) have been consistently releasing new material, and with each new release comes something experimental which places the band in a position where nobody can really guess where they are going to head next. 
This is both exciting and daunting for the fan base that surrounds the quartet, so when "Zecchou BANG!" was announced it would have been completely understandable for any fan to feel a little nervous about what this new single would sound like. 
Amazingly "Zecchou BANG!" sounds utterly refined, as an energetic and deep sounding rock song that it is. After listening to this track fully you can appreciate that "Zecchou BANG!" would be a fantastic song to play live as you can almost imagine, from the excitable energy that is exuded from the melodic guitar from Nii, and the ever tremendous bouncing bass rhythm from Shuu, the involvement that the audience would take. 
More to this, the presence of accompanying background female vocals has returned, which would quite possibly trigger even more crowd participation at a live performance. Unlike Girugamesh's previous song "Beast" though, for "Zecchou BANG!", these background cheers do not invite the same sort of vibe.
We seem to have laid aside the experimental dance and ballad themes and now we have more of the rock sound of previous releases, incorporating perhaps older elements from albums like "Girugamesh" and "Now". Not only this but Satoshi's vocals seem to compliment this style better, mixing both melodic rock with the stronger (not quite the strong growls as when the band first came together), rougher quality to his vocals that gives the track more of an edge. 
"Zecchou BANG!" is the single release that has probably given many fans that epic release that we all crave now and again, but altogether it is the single release that has quite possibly excited us all over again about this band. 
"Zecchou BANG!" will be released officially on the 4th of July and will come in two editions in total; Type A and Type B. Type A will feature two songs, "Zecchou BANG!" and the karaoke version, plus for a limited time only another disk with 10 live tracks from their 'Tokyo Sadistic-Buttooshi 13 days' tour.  Type B will feature the same two tracks, plus a 32 page colour booklet from the previously mentioned tour (also a limited release). 
7th July 2010
Written by Rachel Yarwood
There have been some rather mixed reviews already surrounding this new single. Many fans views have been that Girugamesh’s sound of late has taken a drastic move away from how they sounded during their earlier years and whilst (in many cases) this is true, I do not feel overly confident that Girugamesh should be side lined because of this. Sure enough, their music is not as ‘heavy’ or entirely focused around a hard-rock genre as it used to be, but they still have their identity.
They have over the past few years, experimented with a range of sounds to make their music unique… different… and in all honesty if we kept hearing the same old – same old – would it keep us interested?
Perhaps not…
Whilst this new release is by no means at all a single you should take no notice of, it doesn't seem to give you much of an idea of what you're going to get in the months to come. This might not necessarily be a bad thing as it's always good to have a little mystery to build up that excitement... but when the last few single releases have been more soft rock and the ballad type, the craving for the hard-core rockers starts to take over a bit too much.
“COLOR”, released on 7th July 2010 on one hand may not be the exceptional single you were hoping for, but weighing up things on your other hand, if of course you are with those who feel slightly downtrodden by the last few releases, you may just feel inclined to give them another chance.
Frontman Satoshi is most positively exceptional in this new single. Giving us a taste of not only his soft and sensual side to his vocals, but he also keeps in touch with the darker side of his voice that works wonderfully giving a good change of tone that doesn't sound out of place at all.
The vocals and the instruments combined do offer that softer beginning to this song, but then it quite naturally moves into a heavier introduction, before they take you into the first verse. Even with this more mellower side to Girugamesh, there are still these small hints of their older days that are desperate to get out, with the heavy guitar and bass from Nii and Shuu plus Ryo's complimenting fast and pure energy filled drumming.
For Shuu, as much as his fans love his deep, pounding bass lines, it seems to be lacking slightly in this song. It seems to be blended in with the rest of the song, so that you would really have to be listening out for it to distinguish it clearly. For those keen ears out there, you will be impressed as always by the technicality that you can hear, as Shuu really knows how to keep his bass lines original but in comparison to some his bass lines just aren't that prominent in "COLOR".
 It has been some time since this quartet has been to perform for their fans here in the UK. With a brand new album "NOW" only having recently been released and now this single on top of that... it won't be long before people will be itching for Girugamesh to return and take us by storm once more. And what a storm we are waiting for... hopefully something dark, electric, fun and fast that will leave us reeling in a stupor for many days after.