Galaxy7 - Eye of the Dragon Who Wished to be a Man


Run time: 55 minutes approx.
Number of tracks: 10

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: to be announced

1. You are Me
2. Super Explosions (geeky akai killer mix)
3. Stay
4. Slave
5. One
6. N.B.D
7. Madskippers
8. In the Blue (no one can catch me)
9. After Leaving You
10. Acid Green

Galaxy 7, consisting primarily of Daisuke Tsutsui, has been drawing attention not just from Tokyo but from all across the world with his innovative and catchy tracks.
Having recently toured Europe, Tsutsui is continuing to show his growing fan base the new and dynamic ground that he is cleverly shaking up with each new release. 
Galaxy 7's newest album "Eye of the dragon who wished to be a man" is no exception to this, featuring a range of different styles, though maintaining the focus on electro rock and dance elements. 
However one of the interesting quirks with Tsutsui's material and this album especially is the way in which each track is able to draw out a different response from the listener, for example, whilst one track is easily for dance, another will be the one to sing along to, or the one to rock to, or to simply just listen and appreciate the melodies and lyrics. 

"you are me" starts with opening vocals from Tsutsui and following closely is a funky guitar rhythm and drum beat. This beginning certainly sets the pace and is quite theatrical in the sense that you could just imagine this track being used as a theme, or part of, perhaps an action type film production. 
Tsutsui's vocals themselves compliment the style of this song very well, keeping them smooth and cool whilst the programming and guitar covers the dance side of the song.
Around the half way mark, the track changes to a slower pace and the beat of the drum disappears along with the vocals. There is a short breather in which the synth takes things solo until the drums are re-introduced, the pace quickens again, and the melody is dramatically increased. We have left the funk of the opening and now we have, for the last half of "you are me", an energetic and melodic dance track. 

"you are me" is quite brilliant as an opening piece to an album and admiringly the track that follows does not quash the mood that has already been set. 
"super explosions geeky akai killer mix" seems the perfect follow on. With an increased rhythm and heavier sound, it is more rock song in comparison, but still with undertones of those key elements previously mentioned. 

The album then takes a different direction. 
For a single release perhaps "stay", as a ballad track, would have seemed the perfect finish. However so early on, and having two tracks of such high energy beforehand plus another seven tracks to look forward to, the beautiful simplicity of the piano and echoed vocals seems just slightly out of place. 
This is highlighted even more as "slave" begins which takes us back to a steady and continual drum beat and guitar note introduction. As the pace quickens once more, Galaxy 7 surprise us again with another interesting turn. 
Unlike what we have heard so far "slave" collaborates both electro-dance and rock together, giving us a taste of some interesting melodies from the programming whilst combining some raw grinds from the guitar, leaving the rough and industrial sound alone for the moment. 
"in the blue", the eighth track on Galaxy 7's album, returns to the smooth element of his material that was introduced earlier on. 
Now that we are close to the end the return of the slow pace and the classical elements is like the calm after the storm. Tsutsui's vocals, along with the classical notes from the piano, offer another serene break from the faster pace of the middle of the album and now you feel more appreciative of why and where these two tracks ("stay" and "in the blue") have been placed. 

The final song on "Eye of the dragon who wished to be a man", "acid green", is arguably the most edgy of all the songs sound wise. Galaxy 7 use more harsher notes for the opening of this track giving it a real industrial feel in comparison to the rest of the album. 
Half way through this however things seem to climax, the programming more or less disintegrates, and the track becomes something more of a rock song which you can near enough imagine being played on stage with each member ( i.e. bass/guitar/drums/vocals). Tsutsui's vocals especially with this track seem to suffuses energy a lot more, hitting each note perfectly, and using more vocal melody than has been heard with any of the other tracks on the album.
"acid green" is a fantastic finish to the album just as "you are me" was as the opening track. The final crashes of the drums brings the near feel-good song to a sudden close, ending the album abruptly, leaving you first with a feeling of awe that swiftly changes to a longing for more as the realisation sets in that this was the end. 

 Galaxy 7's newest release "Eye of the dragon who wished to be a man" integrates dance music with rock music, along with elements of electro, to create an album with a unique edge. It's release date is still to be announced...