GACKT - Best of The Best vol. 1 -Mild- & Best of The Best vol. 1 -Wild-


Run time: 60 minutes
Number of tracks: 13

Run time: 58 minutes
Number of tracks: 13
Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Best of the Best vol.1-Mild-
WHITE LOVERS -Shiawasena toki-
Koakuma Heaven
Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Sakura, Chiru...

Best of the Best vol.1-Wild-
Jounetsu no Inazuma

With such an extensive discography such a Gackt's, how would you even begin to decide upon material to feature on your of 'Best Of' album... even when you're releasing not one, but two albums at once? Especially when these aren’t the first ‘Best of’ compilations we’ve seen either. Think back to 2004 with the release of  “Sixth Day” and “Seventh Night~unplugged~”.

The two albums will be due for official release in July, Gackt has named one "Best of The Best vol. 1 -Mild-" and the other "Best of The Best vol. 1 -Wild". With names like these you would be tempted into thinking about the sound of these albums, that the 'Wild' version would feature the heavier material much like “Sixth Day” and 'Mild' would be the opposite and contain the opposite like “Seventh Night~unplugged~”.

However this is not really the case. Both CD's feature a range of different tracks, spanning from Gackt's earlier work such as “emu~FOR MY DEAR~” from his debut full album ‘Mars’, through to more recently recorded tracks like “CLAYMORE”. There really is a generous selection of tracks that will be sure to impress even the most sceptical of fans.
Starting with the 'Wild' edition, this album opens with "Doomsday" which gives you the brilliant mix of heavier rhythms, strong drum beats and expert vocals that switch between the strong and graceful in perfect synchronisation with the music, something Gackt does very well. This is followed by the more restrained "Death Wish".

As each song ends it’s almost like he’s making it impossible to define a style when the next song begins. The way the tracks are set out creates a mix and flow as though they were designed to be on an album together when they were first being recorded.

Just when you think you have a set rhythm in the album, "Sayonara" breaks what you might have been imagining as one of Gackt's most lovely and emotional ballads, plus the near hair raising violin solo, proves to be an odd track to place amongst the others but the depth you will feel listening to this version will make no difference to your opinion at all. 

The 'Wild' album then changes again becoming more 'pop rock' as "Black Stone" and "Another World" bring us into the latter half. "Black Stone" being noticeably a re-recording as you can sense some subtle changes of the vocal work compared to the original from 2005’s “Diabolos”.

Altogether, "Best of The Best vol.1 -Wild-" is an album that has been put together very well. Starting with heavy and darker tones, surprising us with the beautiful "Sayonara", before destroying the calm pop element with “Jesus” just before the end. Gackt has produced the first album with an unarguable success. 

Secondly, "Best of The Best vol. 1 -Mild-", does try to live up to its title. The album opening with "White Lovers" which of course begins with lovely serenading vocals giving a more serene tone as opposed to the 'Wild' album.

Although as the album unfolds even further you do start to sense that, apart from the odd tracks, such as "Dispar" and "Ghost" which offer a more rock and dance style, this album tends to keep to the more pop and ballad side of Gackt’s music.

"Last Song ~ Unplugged" is absolutely and undeniably a beautiful song. The original is in its own right a lovely song as well but for the unplugged version, taken from 2004’s “Seventh Night-unplugged”, to have been chosen for the album is a favoured move. The song is stunning to listen to, the only musical contribution other than Gackt's vocals is his piano, a perfect reason to forget anything else and just focus on taking in the wonderful quality of this song. 
"Vanilla" was always going to make an appearance on any kind of “best” album and it seems to have re-recorded again(!!). Though it sounds almost identical to the previous version from 2004’s “Sixth Day” slight subtle changes are noted which just leaves you thinking…why?
"Best of The Best vol. 1 -Mild-" and "Best of The Best vol. 1 -Wild-" really are two interesting and worthy albums for any fan of Gackt to listen to. Some may argue with the choices and some may defend the choices. Not all of his fans will be happy with the best choices as we all have our favourite songs. These appear to be Gackt’s and his opinions will be shared with many I’m sure.

The two will be released together on the 3rd of July in three editions in total which are the CD versions, CD +DVD version, and a CD + DVD blu ray version (that’s right blu ray!).