Poisonous Berry
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The first track on GOTCHAROCKA's newest single, also bearing the title of "Poisonous Berry", is a very pleasant melodic rock sounding song. 
Jui's vocals offer this charming and pop-rock style to the track which sounds really good along with the drums (Shingo) which are themselves upbeat and catchy. However the instrumentation, in particular the guitar (Jun), give "Poisonous Berry" more of a rock kick off-setting what could have been just a nice tuneful, catchy, and possibly forgettable track.
Along with the snappy guitar riffs there is also a clear cut solo that is also rather pleasant, but perhaps a little too short for some, as the bass (Toya) remains as more of a background rhythm that stays constant and consistent through out. 
The second track on the single, "Terminal", sounds more promising. The tempo is slightly slower but this song has this smooth and appealing style to it. The melodies of the guitars, and the tone of the vocal work, have a suave and lovely quality to them which is very pleasing to listen to. 
There is also this nice little excerpt from Toya's bass in the beginning of this track which you might expect to continue at times through the song and yet the opening is as far as it goes. As the rest of the instrumentation and the vocals take over the bass becomes, more or less, the background rhythm again. 
"Full Bocco!", which is the last track on the single, is arguably the most interesting and experimental sounding track on the release. You might even be tempted to believe you were hearing little elements of previous works in this one. 
The bass also has more of a spotlight in "Full Bocco!", as we can now hear it very clearly above the other instruments, as Jun gives us a cheerful, melodic, tune on the guitar and Jui's vocals have changed from pleasant and pop-rock to a mix of song and slight growls. 
"Poisonous Berry" is the second single release from newly formed GOTCHAROCKA and is due for official release this March on the 6th.  The single will be released in two editions in total - Regular and Limited. The Regular Edition will comprise of three new and original tracks whereas the Limited will only feature two, plus a remix of "Poisonous Berry", and an additional DVD.