Written by Rachel Yarwood

With the recent announcement that Yellow Fried Chickenz would be disbanding, followed closely with the news that Gackt would be releasing a new solo single, fans might feel a little lost for words or in fact lost in what exactly to expect from "Hakuro". 
"Hakuro" opens with strings, piano and flutes in a rather epic and theatrical introduction. Gackt then leads us into the chorus of the song, emotive and expressive as can be expected from him, his vocals swiftly changing from softer notes to the more dramatic with some good vibrato on the longer notes. 
Amongst the throng of all the classical elements going on, there is a good accompaniment of rhythms from the drums, bass and guitar for the chorus which adds more strength and pace to the song.

In comparison each verse, to begin with, is smoother and slowly expands to build up to each following chorus. First we have the pleasant piano and vocals, then the strings and bass with a lovely effect joins in, before the faster beats of the drumming offer a heavier and moodier touch to the song. 
The instrumentation certainly plays a definitive role for "Hakuro" as two or more classical instruments are used, more or less, through out the song. Not only do we have a range of classical instruments played, but some of these are also traditional Japanese instruments (for example bamboo flute and shamisen) which really helps the story of the song and wraps things up with a lovely, equally dramatic, finish just as it opened. 
Whilst "Hakuro" is undeniably an atmospheric song there is still room for some fans to feel just a little disappointed. Depending on each individuals take on this release, you may feel that as a come back single "Hakuro" has either excelled or not quite rocked the boat as you were hoping it would. 
However even if this release was not all that you were hoping for, the sheer drama, emotion and beautiful classical compositions are above exceptional and Gackt's vocals are more than on top form. For all else... that can probably be overlooked in anticipation for his next release. 
"Hakuro" will be released officially on the tenth of October in two editions. 
The first edition will feature four songs in total, "Hakuro" and "Jounetsu No Inazuma" plus their instrumental counterparts. 
The second edition will feature the same number of songs plus an additional DVD which will feature the accompanying music video for "Hakuro".