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15th January 2014
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Fear From The Hate have returned this year with distinguishable force. "Silverwalker" really is less of the melodic metal fairytale, like the last single "Alice" and more perhaps a fall right into the belly of nu metal meets 21st century programming. There is an undeniable power behind the drums and the rhythm instruments particularly for the opening moments, steady and strong, which will entice listeners to nod their heads in time at the very least. 
Along with this, the programming and the vocals (Yoshiyuki Kojima) definitely charm the listener for the duration of the chorus, cleverly adding in some interesting and beautiful melodic sounds to counter the grinding of the guitar (Kouichi Kawahara) and pounding rhythms from the percussion (Osamu Yoshikawa) and bass (Sohei Murakami).
There is never any instability with these elements, not even for the delicious tempo alternating, hard-core, 'break downs' further on in the track. The metal, the electronica, slight dubstep sounds, together with the range from Yoshiyuki's vocals and the most interesting addition of piano all work together fantastically well for this track. 
There is a satisfying feeling after you have listened to "Silverwalker", however many times because it really is that good, but also perhaps a slight feeling of disappointment just because there is no B-side track. Regardless of this, "Silverwalker" is a tremendously impressive and fierce new song, rightly testament to the continuing strength Fear From The Hate builds with each release... however small it may be. 
"Silverwalker" will be released officially on the 15th of January. It will be released in one edition and will contain the one track as mentioned. 
2nd August 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Alice" is the first European single release from metal-core rockers Fear From The Hate.
The score is both remarkable and interesting as Fear From The Hate have twisted different genres and ideas together to create an innovative new piece.
For new listeners of the band, "Alice" will be a release truly memorable whilst for fans of Fear From The Hate, this release will justifiably receive the appreciation it deserves. 
The lyrics add another impressive feat to the song. Based on Lewis Carol's well known 'Alice in Wonderland' novel, Fear From The Hate have merged the old, gothic, fantasy by taking parts of the story line for this song's own journey and mixed it with heavy rock, a dash of metal, and Yoshiyuki Kojima's brilliant vocals to give us something exciting and well worth the listen. 
Along with the melodic and the metal-core vocals, Yoshiyuki Kojima switching expertly between tuneful melodies and the heavier growling vocals, there is also the 'child Alice' background vocals which adds to the unmistakable 'story' of the song.
There are also classical elements which aid to support the fantasy and the more innocent side of "Alice" with soothing violins and pretty melodies that stand out remarkably even against the heavier and darker composition of the guitar (Kouchi Kojima), bass (Sohei Murakami) and drum beat. 
Altogether this hybrid of elements gives us a catchy, upbeat and unforgettably contemporary track. Both the story of "Alice", the music and the vocals are inventive, eventful and will impress from beginning to end. 
"Alice" will be released officially in Europe on the 2nd of August. It will be available to buy and will also be available for purchase on iTunes. 
"Alice" will come with only the one track but this one track was certainly worth the wait and will undoubtedly create a frenzy amongst Jrock fans, rock and metal fans across the UK and Europe.