Wet farts and smelly feet?

KW meets FACT!

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us one interesting fact about each of you?

Im Kazuki, I play guitar and I like your blonde hair...

KW: Oh...thank you!

Kazuki: But since I've been to England I've been going to casino's and I've lost about £500

My name is Takahiro, I play guitar and I'm a 33 year old man who can't get married!

KW: Why can't you get married?

Takahiro: I don't really know why, but probably because I've not chosen the normal path in life

My name is Tomohiro, I play bass and last night I was propositioned by a man to have some children...I said no...

My name is Hiro, I am the singer and for some reason everytime I come to England...my feet smell! I don't know why, nobody knows why!

My name is Eiji, I play drums and since I've come to England, I've had a bit of stomach troubles...the food doesn't agree with me

KW: Any food in particular?

Eiji: Pot noodle...I thought it would be like the noodles in Japan...not tomato ketchup flavour.


What has been the best experiene you guys have had when touring the UK?

All: Sonisphere!

Kazuki: The main stage, first time and best time.


Do each of you have a favourite band?

Kazuki: Incubus

Takahiro: Anthrax

Tomohiro: Slayer, we were going to go and see them last night in Glasgow but we didn't get chance.

Eiji: Metallica

Hiro: 100 Reasons, they have a great sense of melody


Describe FACT to us in one sentence...

Kazuki: cool...

All: We are a band that listen to a lot of different genres, we absorb all the genres into our own thing.


At what point did you all decide you wanted to make music for a living?

When we were all 15, around the same time.


How much do you think a band's image effects it's fanbase?

Kazuki: Yes to a certain point, fans especially kids look at what clothes we wear and tattoos we have.


Has there ever been any point where any of you have doubted your talents and thought you'd never be able to tour out of Japan?

We have never doubted, we want to go to lots of places


Where has been your favourite place to play in the UK and why?

We really like going to York, very beautiful place, not neccessarilly the shows but the place itself with lots of old buildings it reminds us of Japan.


In the next 10 years what do you hope to acheive?

We want to become better musicians and to keep the band going and go to a lot more countries.

Takahiro: to get married


When touring, do any of you have bad habits that annoy the others?

Kazuki & Hiro: When we go to Casinos..

Eiji: I do wet farts...that annoys everyone...


Final message for the UK fans?

Kazuki: We don't get to come to England all the time, if you see us coming in a magazine or something then come and see us at the next show!
Thank you very much for your favour and I hope seeing you very soon!