Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
After such a successful tour throughout Europe, this all female Jrock band have truly come a long way since their beginning in 2004. And for the lucky few whom got to see them at their lives last month, you would have been given the lucky opportunity to hear KNIFE before its release date!

exist†trace’s style is known to be laced and focused on their heavy bass and drums. Although there is a dramatic change in the vocal work as well as their style becoming much more refined in this release.
Guitars seem to be kept somewhat sparse in “KNIFE", with the verses having more emphasis on Jyou’s voice throughout; the guitars seem to linger in the background.
“KNIFE” is quite a refreshing single release from the girls, and if you have not listened to it yet, you should give them a chance. Girl bands, especially those in the visual scene, could truly do with more appreciation; after all, they are hidden gems full of talent to be adored.