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All Night Long
Rising Sun
I Wish for You

Written by Rachel Yarwood
"EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~" is EXILE's 41st single release and amazingly sold over half a million copies in the first week alone. So what about the sound of the track... 
Certainly here in the UK this new release from the group could bring a little bit of sunshine to your ears, to make up for what we are lacking weather wise at the moment, as this track is undeniably catchy in both melody and lyrics. 
"EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~" could very well be an early summer club track, as it really gets the groove going, lifting your spirits for a dance or just to listen to simply to cheer yourself up. 
The rhythm is bouncy and keeps the energy flowing through the song and the vocals themselves are really good, complimenting the style of the track, whilst the harmonies too are faultless. 
However whilst "EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~" is a perfectly good tune to immerse yourself in, from the 'sunshine' atmosphere coming through from the music, there just doesn't seem to be much of a progression from the last few single releases. It is more or less the flip of a coin as to whether the next single will be a soft ballad or a club dance track and arguably their music is quite in danger of becoming standard in terms of sound. 
"Flower Song" (we've had our dance track so now place bets for a ballad!) will be the next release, due for the middle of June, so hopefully this new single will prove this theory wrong.
"EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~" is out officially on the 3rd of April and will come in two editions in total; a CD edition and a CD&DVD edition. The CD Edition will feature two tracks, the title track as mentioned plus the instrumental version, whereas the CD&DVD Edition will feature the same two songs plus the music video. 

All Night Long
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"All Night Long", EXILE's first single of this year, is undoubtedly another of their feel good tracks. Especially so here in the UK, even with our lack of sunshine, this new single from the J-pop group is sure to give moods that extra lift with a brand new dose of soft pop, dance and exceptionally charming melodies from EXILE's lead vocalist Atsushi. 
"All Night Long" begins with a pleasant piano opening which is backed by an orchestra of violins, though it is not long before a simple programmed beat drum kicks in, and Atsushi enters with the first verse.
For the opening minute or so, the mood has been hinting more towards the softer side of EXILE with the lovely classical notes and the good vocal range from the singing. However, the beat of the track suggests something more to expect from this song and it is not until the first chorus comes under way that we fully start to hear the dance element that until this point has only been hinted at.
The piano and violins have been completely replaced for the time being with extra beats that are accompanied by added rhythm from the synth. The style now is unmistakably dance, even if dancing is not really your style, as soon as you hear the lead up to chorus your toes at least will tap to the beat.
Just as you think you've gotten comfortable with this track, EXILE surprise us with something else. The track mellows slightly for a few seconds before the song becomes less of the dance track and more of a club anthem. This is the part where, if you had not already had this song at full volume, the time would never be better to turn that volume up. 
Although this instrumental section of "All Night Long" is perhaps too short lived for some, it breaks the continuity of the song perfectly, giving it that extra bit of spark and liveliness before the final chorus and before the piano re-enters bringing the song to a close just as it opened. 
"All Night Long" will be out on sale officially as of the 20th June and it will come in two editions in total. 
The Regular Edition will feature main track "All Night Long" plus an instrumental version of this song. The second edition of "All Night Long" will come with both of these tracks plus a bonus DVD which will feature their music video. 
Rising sun
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Not only is EXILE's newest single "Rising Sun", released on the 14th September, a mark for their tenth year together as a group, but it is also a song meant to spark some hope and encouragement after the March earthquake and tsunami. Of course, the message within the song is not the only thing that EXILE are giving to their fans and the people of Japan, but all proceeds from this single will be donated to the Red Cross of Japan as well.
This single comes in a few versions, namely with two main tracks including "Rising Sun" and a second song entitled "Itsuka Kitto". The CD and DVD version of this release comes with video clips to both of these tracks.
"Rising Sun" begins with a smooth yet dance-y element, which remains quite constant through out, picking up rhythm every now and then as the group lead us into the chorus of the song.
The vocals from the guys themselves have that more softer quality that we usually get with their ballads and the feeling that you get is something that is humble and honest, yet at the same time their is also this feeling of reaching out in an uplifting sense. This vocal work compliments the style of the song completely and their is also some really good harmony work going on between them.
Both the vocals and the musical composition boosts in a slight crescendo towards the end of the song, just before the last chorus, but it is nothing that is too overpowering. Instead it is simple and beautiful.
The PV to accompany "Rising Sun" is just as beautiful as the song and the lyrics. The choreography alone must have taken some time to pull together and with tremendous effect. The visuals and the dancers are stunning as they perform together, all with a great amount of energy and genuine smiles, which is spell binding to watch but also deeply touching.
"Rising Sun", a single meant to give courage and hope, and it does this completely. The song is both uplifting and captivating, the accompanying music video both stunning and inspiring, and it is no surprise that it peaked at number one on the charts.
EXILE have truly created a wonderful piece that has surely reached out to many hearts and will not be forgotten, by their fans for one thing, for a very long time.
I Wish for You
Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
One of Japan’s most well known J-pop groups, EXILE hales of fourteen members, of which four perform vocals and the remaining members are dancers. An interesting mix it seems, to have predominance over dance than singing.
The song overall has an up-beat tempo and feel to it, again it being just one of those good old tracks to listen to if it ever happened to come on your playlist. Opening with a dance-like beat leading into slight voice distortion on the vocals and then what seems to be the repetition of the song title, the song then slows into a slower sounding verse, leading into a more upbeat chorus. It does make you want to dance however, which is one overall feeling throughout.
Vocally, its actually quite nice that although there are fourteen members, only four of them sing, so unlike other bands with over four or so members, its easy to distinguish the different vocal parts as well as the fact that when they do sing together, they actually keep in tune. It has to be said though, the constant repetition of “I wish… I wish…” does get a little tiresome to listen to, but it works with the tone and sound of the track.
EXILE is a group that knows their market to say the least. The successful hits cannot be denied. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth at least a listen, then see what you think. It doesn't feel like a strong release sadly, but being major and active since 2001, they do have nine years of music under their belts, so maybe next time round, they’ll up their game and give us something a little more worthwhile.