Electric Eel Shock

Kirin Works caught up with, UK conquering, ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK before their show in Manchester!

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us something you find interesting about yourselves?

My name is Aki and I am lead guitar and vocals.

My name is Kazuto and I play bass.

Aki: I like fishing – I catch big fish! Like big trout (holds arms out at length) this big! Kazuto is boring! (laugh) he drinks and likes to watch porn movies! (more laughter)


Is there anything you find unique about EES or yourselves?

Aki: (with a serious face) I am… Gackt’s younger brother… (laughter from everyone) good bands are good bands and are happy that they are going where they are going.

Kazuto: We just play rock and roll!


Where is your favourite city to play? And why?

EES: Manchester!!

Aki: because I am here now and we are being interviewed by Manchester people… and because my manager told me to say the place where we are!

Kazuto: Cheltenham… we played there last night. It was a really good crowd… really nice.


How do you feel you have both grown as musicians?

Aki: well… we always just grow. We always go… but we never feel like we should change, so we don't think we do?

Kazuto: There is no change in us,  it’s just the environment that changes. We spend a lot of time here in the UK so we just keep going.


Have either of you experienced any embarrassing incidents?

Aki: We played a show… a festival in Hong Kong… a Chinese festival about 5 years ago and our drummer didn’t know about the strict rules they have. He didn’t care and came out with his top half naked and then took all off! He got arrested… and was arrested for 3 days before he was charged twenty British pounds.


Alot of your previous work has been sung in English, do you find it easier to write your music in English?

Aki: Yes, our new album has very little English, it is very hard to write English lyrics. The latest album is about 60% Japanese and 40% in English.

I also find it hard to speak English, I can speak English and it’s ok but writing it needs the vocabulary and I only know a few sentences! I need new English!

Kazuto: “Fucks Sake!”?


What is the best thing about being in the band?

Aki: We tour all over world. We get to play music everywhere and it’s really great.


Excited for the show tonight?

EES: yeah!

Kazuto: UK is our second home! I’m already excited.


If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be?

Kazuto: Gackt! (laughs) because I want to be handsome (laughs some more)

Aki: A fish!

(but a fish isn’t a person!)

Aki: I know! I want to be fish… a bass… a fresh water bass in Japan.

Kazuto: I want to be Yoshiki! And then I would have a big house in L.A


What kind of music are you both into? Any influences on your music?

Kazuto: I am a big fan of classic rock… the classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s like Dio

Aki: Ozzy Osbourne!! Even if the new album is shit, I don’t think that because he is amazing!


Do you have any traditions or rituals before a show?

Kazuto: Drink!

Aki: aah… I drink beer, wine, sake… it makes me happy.

Kazuto: we can get beer in the venue so that’s what I drink.


Where is your drummer tonight?

Aki: he is in Japan with his family. His family is important.

Kazuto: he just couldn’t make it.


Finally do you have a message for your UK fans?

Aki: come to our show and enjoy! Check out our website, you can send email or anything by our web.

Kazuto: We feel sorry we didn’t come back to the UK often. We used to come 5 or 6 times a year to the cities but now it’s only once or twice. Still, we have and we keep coming back. Don’t forget us!

Thank you!