Dir en grey


Camping, Melodies and Language problems...Dir en grey speak to Kirin Works Exclusively before their show at Koko...

All Japanese music fans in the UK know who you are, so why don’t you try telling us something about your lives outside of the band?

Die: For me, there is nothing outside of music, so there is nothing in particular, I have no life!

Toshiya: It’s kind of hard to say, but the only thing that really does excite me is music so I can’t think of anything else.


How long would you say it takes you to compose a set-list for a show?

Toshiya: It usually takes us only 10-15 minutes?

Die: We let our tour start, then try playing different songs and read the reactions of the fans. This makes us find good songs for the next set-lists, like viewing mountains and valleys. We did out Japan tour and found out what we should play elsewhere…


You’ve edited a couple of your older songs, are there any your would definitely NOT re-master?

Die: We had our greatest hits album released only in Japan a couple of years ago, that had a lot of old songs re-mastered on that but we have never done it here.


Dir en grey have had a lot of changes in genre and style throughout your careers, how do you decide which path to follow next musically?

Die: It is hard to say really… when and what were our points of our journeys. Because we believe our progress from the original dir en grey has changed, we never discussed what to wear or what kind of make up each other had…we just go through natural changes.


How do you think as a Japanese metal/rock band you are different to Western metal bands?

Toshiya: Our melody lines are different to western ones. We were born and raised in Japan, we love western music but technically it isn’t the same as Japanese music. Maybe those influences came out in our music?


What have been the hardest parts of your careers? What barriers have you had to overcome?

Toshiya: It isn’t a musical thing, but I have had to always deal with a language barrier but I think our music can tell the fans things. But in daily life, I don’t know any language things.


Have any of you felt that the band was in jeopardy or wanted to end the band?

Toshiya: So we may be on the road, something goes wrong with each other, when we are all broken down mentally you can do nothing to help yourself. When you start with those mental problems, your life is slightly boring and the lives cannot be good, it is really hard to get out of that mind-frame!


Many fans camp for your shows, if you had to camp for a band, any band, which would you choose?

Die: My wish would be to camp for Dir en grey.

Toshiya: The same as Die… but I wish I could be in the crowd.


Have you ever had a moment where you were scared by fans?

Die: I’ve never been scared by fans. We have so many followings when we walk round the street. I like it a lot.


If it all ended tomorrow, what would your personal highlights be?

Die: My highlight would probably be…that moment when 5 guys got together in the past and decided to make a band.

Toshiya: This moment right now is my highlight and probably tonight.


Finally, a personal message from you to your dedicated UK fans…

Die: It’s been a while since we did a headlining show in London, I’m looking forward to tonight, but now we will try to do a UK tour every year.

Toshiya: Firstly I want to say thank you to our fans, but I feel the same way as Die I want to make a U.K tour every year, nobody can tell what happens tomorrow, it COULD all end tomorrow as you say, we just have to concentrate on one show and each and every show. So please enjoy each and every show, and understand we are concentrating on each and every show, and enjoying it too!