D'erlanger's Tetsu on cover songs, respecting women,

and his very own Madame Tussaud's...

Exclusive to Kirin Works

D’erlanger formed in 1983, how would you say your music is different from then to now?

Of course I feel our sound has changed, but also over this much time having passed from when we started the band, all of us have grown through many experiences and I also feel that this has played a big part in us developing a deeper sound.


Where do you find you get most inspiration for your songs?

The sound coming from each member of the band is everything. We have a lot of eccentric members in the group… where will we end up going? I can't even imagine.


At what point did you realise that D'erlanger could really be a successful band?

I have always felt this way about the band, even from when I was a kid, and I still feel this way.


How did D‘erlanger‘s break-up affect the band?

I believe that the break-up at that time has allowed us to have the sound that we do today. For over 10 years we all kept our love for music and now we are together in the same place making our sound.


When you first started D'erlanger, what were your priorities in life? How do they differ to now?

My main thing was to be a heretic, an outsider. And it is the same today.


What were the first records you ever bought?- Do you remember how you felt when you first heard those songs?

I forget, but I did listen to SEX PISTOLS and P.I.L.


Bands from Japan have infamously covered your songs, (such as MUCC's Cover of La Vie en Rose), what are your opinions on covers?

Respect is very important, not just for ROCK either.

With regards to other band's covering our songs, I feel that there are things that we can learn from their versions. For example, even in a cover if you can sufficiently feel that band's power it is a beautiful thing.


Your recent DVD showed lots of sexy half dressed girls on stage- What do you all find attractive in a woman?

We must all just show respect for women. We all start form the mother's body.


If you could pick people to have as waxworks for your own Madame Tussaud’s who would it be?

I would definitely have Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain ,M:J and more...


Do you think it is strange people in the UK like Japanese music when people from Japan like music from the UK?

I don't think it is strange. Instead, as someone who has grown up listening to UK music I feel honoured if the opposite is true. I really hope that people do come to listen and know Japanese music.


Finally- Any special messages for your UK fans?

We haven't had many chances to go to the UK, but I really hope to go and meet you in the near future!