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Setsubou no Freesia
Tsuki ni Jyusei

12th June 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"MISSING", the new single from DaizyStripper, is both a fast paced and interesting new release from the band. 
The title track begins upbeat with a rapid opening of guitar and drums. The guitar composition especially offers most of the juice in this song, other than the melody and emotion coming through from YU-GIRI on vocals, the catchy guitar rhythms and riffs from MAYU and NAO are definite highlights of the track. 
Amongst these though is a fantastic underlying rhythm from the bass. Rei's bass-lines bounce their way from beginning to end, shining out the most just before and through out the chorus.
"MISSING" is a good rock song to start the single off with. It gives a high volume of melody from YU-GIRI's vocal work, some interesting riffs from the guitars, along with a good strong bass rhythm and a steadfast quality from KAZAMI's drumming.
DaizyStripper's b-side on the other hand, sound wise, is arguably the more intriguing of the two. 
"[eating apple]" opens with a slight industrial rock sound giving the sense of a more darker energy. The pace is more down tempo and the heaviness of the guitars and the bass, plus the simplicity of the beat of the drums.  This time gives a dark but at the same time a slightly sensual feel when listening to it. There is a on-going grind of the guitar which at times seems to spiral.  Finally as "[eating apple]" comes to an abrupt end, it is difficult not to be left with the feeling of being genuinely impressed but yet just a bit disappointed that this song was not any longer than it was. 
"MISSING" will be released officially on the 12th of June in three editions in total. These will be Regular Edition A, Regular Edition B and a Limited Edition. 

2nd November 2011
Setsubou no Freesia
Written by Rachel Yarwood
DaizyStripper's newest single release "Setsubou no Freesia" is out officially on the 2nd November. This new single comes in four different editions; A to D types, and two of those (A and C) comes with a bonus DVD.  
"Setsubo no Freesia", the limited D type edition, includes two tracks in total and the title track itself has been used as the ending theme song of the TV anime series 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal'. 
The song begins with a very upbeat rhythmic and melodic guitar (Mayu and Nao). We have the melody of the lead guitar, which is supported by the more heavier rhythm guitar, offering a good mix. The guitars sound very pleasant together, and perhaps more along the lines of what we used to get with the older brit pop-rock boy bands, until of course we get the vocals from Yugiri.
When Yugiri begins to sing, the melody of them is outstanding and fully compliment the style of the song by being both strong and clear lyrically and musically.
Kazami, on drums, offers a great and upbeat tempo. His drumming is not too powerful, but rather it is just enough to add that more rock element to the song, which offsets the pop a little bit. In addition to this, Rei (Bass), supports the more heavier side. His bass can be heard perfectly, unlike a lot of the more pop bands where the bass is more of a background rhythm, Rei's playing can be heard wonderfully clear.
The second song on this single is a mix of different songs, or a medley of songs, that have been put together. It is just over six minutes long, a perfect way for a new listener perhaps, to easily listen to a range of DaizyStripper songs on one single. 
This single as a whole, and especially "Setsubou no Freesia", is a great new release from DaizyStripper. This new song is a nice, uplifting, and pleasant song to listen to.

7th September 2011
Tsuki ni Jyusei
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
The title track begins with soft guitars and gentle drums for the first few seconds, the full melody sweeps into the song quickly, a fast pace developing with the chorus breaking the song in with a catchy riff.
The instruments continue, welcoming in the verse, starting out slower with softer vocal work from Yu-giri, the instruments taking it down a notch with very soft bass playing, and light guitar. This doesn’t last long though as the bridge into the chorus builds up the swift pace they held at the beginning.
The chorus bares an overall good guitar riff, giving a heavier pace to the song. Yu-giri’s vocal work is higher pitched and remains the same through the entirety of the track, leaving the band’s sound very consistent.
A well constructed song with all members giving their all from start to finish, DaizyStripper certainly shine with this release.
“Tsuki ni Jyusei” is available in three editions: regular, limited edition type A and limited edition type B. Regular edition of the single comes with the title track and two others. Limited edition type A consists of three tracks and a DVD with music video and off-shot footage whereas type B consists of the title track and member comments about their last single, “SIREN”.

15th June 2011
Written by Kacey Woodham
“KISS YOU” is the new single from Daizystripper, only weeks before they release their next album ‘Bless’, which will feature 10 tracks, strangely not including this release.
The song is started with the high tone of Yuugiri’s voice with piano and humming to support and balance the pitch, this takes us straight into the drumming, shortly joined by the guitars and bass. The use of violins shortly after gives it a slightly "tacky" quality before setting into the first verse of mostly bass and singing, which is certainly not for all tastes. 
The guitars offer a soft strum before the chorus starts up, where it becomes more equal in its role in the track and the pace picks up even more so. The tempo is quick and upbeat to begin with, as Yuugiri’s voice is a interesting twist to the otherwise subtle and slightly bland music that really has very little that strikes out. The guitar solo is simple and yet lasting which is short lived as the song soothes some into a more ballad and sway-like beat and Yuugiri seems to take on an impossibly high note, which instantly catches your attention as it could put some girls to. Yuugiri has quite a unique voice and in a way it's interesting to listen to.
This single comes in two types. Type A comes with three tracks. ‘KISS YOU’, ‘Last Note’ and ‘Nanairo no Hanataba wo’ as well as first press offers a B2-size poster as a bonus as well as a DVD of the PV. Type B offers exactly the same with the exception of ‘Nanairo no Hanataba wo’ which is limited to Type A.