New band DELeTE speak to Kirin Works before they start their live shows in Japan...

Can you each introduce yourselves and tell us something interesting that fans might not know...

Hi, I’m Mio on vocals. Umm...something interesting? I’m not sure whether or not they would know this...but I’m half Japanese, and half ***...the country is secret!!

Hey I’m Renji, playin’ guitar. I couldn’t be happier with beeeer!! So I am Renji a.k.a beer!

I’m Neu, the drummer...sorry just kidding. I’m Neu, the BASSIST and a woman! Sorry I’m just kidding... I’m a man!


How did the name DELeTE come about?

Renji: Well...It means we’ll make the band go forward regardless of rules or theories on the activities of bands, music scene and song writing. We’ll move ahead deleting such things. That’s why we named the band DELeTE.  The “e” is written in small letters... just because looks good!


For people in the UK who have never heard your music, how would you describe it?

Mio: To be’s like a hybrid sound between analogue and digital neo-futuristic.  Speaking of the view of the world, though we sometimes imagine space when creating sounds. We want to release a variation of tracks so that every single person can sympathize and empathize with our music at all times.


Three of you were previously in the second line-up of Quaff, how did you feel when the band disbanded, did you have plans for DELeTE already?

Neo: Umm...we had performed as Quaff for only a short time, anyway, we got shocked by the ending.  But we can’t stop the band’s activities as long as there were people who would wait for our music. That’s why we produced DELeTE for ourselves and above all, the fans.


How did you meet Koki?

All: We ...bought him in a pet shop LOL!


What releases can the fans expect from you in 2012?

Mio: We’ll send and show them to all our fans, so look forward to them!  Now they can touch our music from distant countries far away through media such as Myspace!


Your Japan live shows will be starting soon, how are you preparing yourselves?

Neu: Yeah, we’re sure everything will go well! We had a bit of trouble and stuff...but we want the fans to have a fun live. First of all, if we cannot enjoy ourselves, we cannot enjoy all the fans that come to watch.


You have already gathered a strong following from overseas fans, is a European tour in your future?

Renji: I wanna come there in the future, ‘cause I want more people to see our show and to listen to our music.


If you think of the UK, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Neu: Umm...something powerful but not like Japan...very strong and a million DELeTE fans LOL!


If you could each re-live a moment in your past, what/when would it be and why?

Mio: I think I would be happy spending such a remembered moment, but I would rather not think about re-living. I prefer to think “tomorrow I wanna face” than “yesterday I wanna re-live”.


If you could each make a wish what would it be?

Renji: A world tour for DELeTE!

Neu: Well...I wanna make everyone happy!

Mio: I would multiply the wishes LOL


What are your personal hopes or goals for DELeTE?

Mio: I don’t make targets or goals. If I did, I might stop when I reach it.

Renji: There are no goals, just go heading to our limits.

Neu: Woo! Those two guys above said it already!


Finally could you give a message to you fans in the UK?

We’ll certainly go to the UK, so please wait until then! We’re gonna release a new song soon too, don’t miss it.