Veludo no Tori
(Available at Live Shows)
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Veludo no Tori" by new and upcoming band DECAYS is a truly gorgeous single. As well as being sung entirely in English, there is a 'classic' tone by incorporating both classical and hints of traditional elements to the musical composition that brings a lovely soft ambient quality to the song. 

As "Veludo no Tori" progresses you fall in love with it further and further. The guitars and the bass bring in a more rock ballad feel with their deeper tone which works brilliantly against the softer and almost heartbreaking melodies of the violin. Add in the charm of the vocals and you are lulled into complete serenity without even realising it. 

"Veludo no Tori" really is a work of art and you don't even have to think about who exactly makes up the members of this band to believe, once you hear this track, just how brilliant this song is. Unfortunately for many though "Veludo no Tori" is only available to purchase at their live shows in Japan, so unless you are a lucky person to be over there right now (if you are go and see them!) we'll just have to wait and hope that this song will make it onto future releases and then you can hear this beauty for yourselves.