DECAYS - Red or Maryam


Run time: 27 minutes 29 seconds
Number of tracks: 7

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 16th December 2015

Secret Mode
Ai to aware wo nokosazu
Red Tide
Lana ~from Future Boy~

DECAYS "Red or Maryam" album gives us a teasing look into the future of this band. The material chosen for this release is a good mixture of rock (heavier at times), pop and classical, highlighting new characteristics for the members of the group and a brand new sound for fans to divulge in. 

"Secret mode" is the opening track and we are being introduced into a rock-disco atmosphere with an upbeat chorus and altogether funky enough to get your body moving to the catchy melodies and beat. The vocals have a cool tone to them in comparison and for the chorus there is a slight vocaloid charm, but this is not overpowering, which compliments the dance-like feel to the track. 

"Ai to aware wo nokosazu" is led by Ayasa's violin and suddenly you feel like you are being transferred somewhere nautical. Both the violin and the guitar compositions work wonderfully together giving this song an upbeat rhythm and a quirky quality to it however the album soon forgets this direction and takes us on a more dramatic journey with the next track "Dry". This song is darker, with more a grunge feel, the vocals making you feel as though you are underwater. There is a dark and sensual quality to this song which is totally separate from the first two songs but no less brilliant. 

"Red Tide" follows "Dry" with an equally sensual tone. Opening with a rather teeth-on-edge 'scratchy' beginning you might find yourselves a little unsure, but then the drums (Kei) and bass (G) with their pounding rhythms and the guitars with a grinding, heavier, attitude start and again we have a darker and moodier rock song.

The dance-like "NOVA SPIRAL" brings the upbeat and melody back, as with "Lana ~from Future Boy~" that follows after, giving us a different sort of energy and more involved solo guitar pieces. These two tracks bring us back out of the pensive, ambient, mood and right back into the sunshine with fun instrumentation, vocaloid and bouncing rhythms. 

The final track on the album "beautiful" is exactly what it says. This is a beautiful and a powerful song. There is a half and half quality with this track, at times there is a heavier rock feel from the deep bass lines and the slight grind of the guitars but then we also have a softer tone to the vocals and the brilliant lead guitar piece (not forgetting the solo pieces either) that takes effect for the chorus bringing just the right amount of melody... this is the perfect track to end the album with.

"Red or Maryam" will be released and available to buy on the 16th of December 2015.