DEATHGAZE @ Underworld

Underworld, Camden
7th July 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome

Evoke the world 
the menace 
killing floor 
paranoid parade 
domestic pig#1013 
genocide and mass murder 

There was no messing about, no prolonging the anticipation that each and every fan of DEATHGAZE was feeling tonight after many had been waiting in the blistering heat for hours. After a brief introduction from management, informing the fired up crowd that they were in for “one hell of a show“, the band made their way promptly on stage exactly on time. 

They opened with "Creature", from their 2012 album of the same title, with the opening drum beat (Naoki) followed by fast and heavy guitars (Takaki and Ai) and bass rhythms (Kosuke), Ai's screaming vocals, already backing up the talk from the introduction.

"Evoke the world" followed, with an opening less ferocious, but still with a wonderfully hypnotic bass rhythm and the first of a few brilliant solo guitar pieces from Takaki. However "BLOOD" really served to bring us back into the 'metal' mood that we started the night on, exciting the crowd into a frenzy once again before they joined the rhythm, along with the band themselves, as if in ceremonious head-banging. 
What became notable to those further back from the rows gathered at the foot of the stage, was that amongst the head-banging, the punching of the fists in the air, the growls and cheers from the crowd, there is no-one here tonight starting any pits of any kind. The attention is solely on DEATHGAZE onstage and the music they are performing. The atmosphere is enough that it did not need anything else but the entertainment already provided up on that platform to satisfy the needs of the fans here in London.
Early on tonight, DEATHGAZE performed their b-side "Behind the scenes", from their newest single release, which was met with as much enthusiasm from the crowd as "ALLURE" was to receive later on. "ALLURE" being the most recent and most fresh in many minds and a good choice to add to the bill amongst the more seasoned favourites. 
The set list fast became a perfectly balanced combination of not only older and newer material, but also of the heavier and softer songs. "Behind the scenes" one that granted a small breather between the near chaotic heaviness of "Silence" and "Sleep in the rain", giving everyone chance to prepare for "Malice" that followed, returning to the same level of metal brilliance.
Atmospherically there are fantastic vibes both on and off stage. DEATHGAZE definitely seeming to be enjoying this live show just as much as their fans, playing to members of the audience with gestures, smiles and encouragement that really was not needed but was aiding the exhilaration of the whole experience of this debut appearance. 

Certainly after many a stagnant month this year alone for fans of Japanese rock and metal, to participate or just to simply watch a full on metal gig from DEATHGAZE was truly unforgettable. There was no wanting for fancy lighting, attire, dance moves or anything of the like... this was just a pure and intense gig that was in all honesty very much needed. 

For DEATHGAZE this debut performance in London’s Underworld was one worth the wait in the scorching July heat. It is very likely that not one person will admit there was anything else that could have made this night any less than perfect. 
DEATHGAZE took the stage by storm, executed their material with passion and skill, and left all who attended tonight awestruck and possibly cradling the early signs of whiplash! 

This was one performance that if you missed it… you missed out.