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Useless Sun

22nd May 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
 DEATHGAZE's newest single release"ALLURE" opens with a  tremendous beat from the drums (Naoki) and composition from the  guitar (Takaki). They are almost hypnotic as the track opens with  an intensity of incredible competency that continues as the bass  (Kohsuke) follows and then the vocals (Ai). 
 As Ai begins, "ALLURE" becomes not just a heavy metal sounding  rock song with deep rhythms and pounding drums, but along with  the flair of Takaki's guitar we have a generous amount of melody  from Ai's vocals as well. As the instrumentation and the backing vocals keep the deeper and the solid rock tone, Ai adds that fantastic emotional and lyrical sense to "ALLURE" which compliments the track completely in a darkly engaging way. 
The bridge of "ALLURE" tones down quite dramatically and entices us with a lovely subtle guitar and drumming. This breaks up the track perfectly for the eruption that follows as the bass and drums re-enter with an immensity that will certainly get your heart pumping wildly again and head banging in time to the rhythm. 
"ALLURE" overall is an exciting new song from DEATHGAZE which, in the wake of their European tour coming this Summer, fans of the band will be likely to recieve this as part of the set list with open arms and banging heads.
"ALLURE" will be released officially on the 22nd of May in just the one edition and will come with an additional DVD. 
The single will feature two tracks entitled "ALLURE" and "Behind The Scenes". The bonus DVD will feature the new music video for the song "ALLURE". 
2nd November 2011
Written by Kitty Linton
DEATHGAZE are a band that continues to branch conflicting genres together with talented execution, combining aggressive instrumentation with the slower more intense elements of their Nagoya kei background. After the impacting combined release of SILENCE/THE END there has been a high level of anticipation around what the band will produce next and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long before USELESS SUN was announced and released but does it meet expectations? 
The first thing you hear blasting from your speakers is the abrupt sound of Naoki’s rapid hammering, closely followed by Takaki’s raspy guitar riffs and the deep thrumming of Kosuke’s bass that is instantly distinguishable as DEATHGAZE’s sound and automatically gets your blood pounding to match the fast pace. An introduction that is reminiscent of previous tracks and puts the listener into a false sense of security for those few seconds where you are lead to believe that this will be one of their more harder songs. However Ai’s melodious vocals contrast with the music as soon as he sings his first note instead of the growl that was expected but he delivers his lyrics quickly in a pace that keeps ups with the rapid tempo as the music changes to be more intermittent and punctuates his words.
The first verse flowing seamlessly into another change with the chorus where the tempo is taken down a notch, Takaki’s rifts turning into more harmonious notes that run alongside and compliment Ai’s calmer singing but yet the swift rhythm of baritone bass and drums stays relatively consistent as an undercurrent that prevents Useless Sun from being described or categorized as one of the band’s ballads. 
Where as DEATHGAZE usually combine both their rougher sound with the more melodic elements all in one song equally to offer the interesting juxtaposition that has become one of the components typical of their style USELESS SUN is a single that seems to stick more with the latter category throughout the song.
The moment it picks up after the third verse, is the first time we hear Ai utilize the other aspects of his voice in a growl as well as using voice distortion effects and the music mimics that impacting introduction but it all seems far too brief, to the point of almost sounding out of place in the rest of the song as it jumps back into the chorus straight afterwards.
USELESS SUN seems to be a safe release for the band, a song that lacks the impact of a true single and just falls short of meeting those high expectations that the previous combined release set. Although contrastingly I think that the difference between the singles depict more of DEATHGAZE’s diversity in the music they create, something we can assume their continuing to do and offers a glimpse of what to expect from their highly awaited new album CREATURE due for release on the 4th April 2012. Hopefully they’ll incorporate more of their raw musical roots or even surprise us further yet, we’ll have to wait and see. 

26th May 2010
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
 With a single title such as “SORROW” you can only be led to think, instantaneously, that the song will be slower, more like a ballad then their previous heavier releases (“BLOOD” & “abyss”). With the first listen, all suspicions are shown to be true.
The drumming from Naoki is very prominent in the overall sound of the song and not just left for the background, the bass is kept low and smooth and alongside the drums keeps a steady and soft beat throughout.
Ai’s vocals keep to what gives DEATHGAZE that special something that enables you to tell them from the other bands in their category. The vocal work shines through very much throughout the whole duration of the song as he graces us with his smooth notes, silky tones and the fact that his voice is somewhat unique and lustrous is such a beauty to hear.
DEATHGAZE are what can currently be defined as an under-appreciated band. If you appreciate Japanese metal music at it’s finest, then this is the band for you.