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Paranoid Personality

2nd October 2013
Paranoid Personality
Written by Rachel Yarwood

There is not only the one release from D.I.D this month to look forward to... but five. That is, the band have released their title track "Paranoid Personality", but each edition comes with three different other tracks on it. So this makes it rather stressful when deciding which edition to go for!
With Type A, the opening track is "I want to die", as the shortest track on release, it really is a whirlwind of a listen. 
A mixture of electronica, heavy instrumentation and pounding drum-beats introduces this edition of the single. It really is fast paced but the quality of this track is brilliant. The vocals too, from Akane, compliment this collaboration of styles by swapping melody to rough growls appropriately and the overall sound is something exciting indeed. 
For "Paranoid Personality", which is the final song on the Type A release, the single takes a different turn. 
Opening with a piano instrumental, the difference between "I want to die" and this is actually startling when you hear them back to back, but as the sweet piano sound fades and a dull escalating drone of the piano keys takes over instead, you begin to realise there is more to this than you first thought. 
D.I.D don't fail to surprise here as we are then hit with fantastically heavy metal beat, guitar work and screams. It is nothing short of impressive and marks this single from the visual kei band as one definitely worth it. 
"Paranoid Personality" will be available to purchase on the 2nd of October and it will come in five editions in total. Each will feature the track "Paranoid Personality" plus three other tracks, which will vary.