Moho Live
28th April 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Omen (The Prodigy Cover)
The Dream
Stars faded in the slow motion

For Crossfaith, this would be one of those hit or miss opportunities, not just by touring with three other bands but also playing at numerous venues for their debut tour here in the UK. Usually with collaboration gigs like this, you are a little skeptical as to who are there for which band, but it was pretty obvious from the cheers of those who came out for the show at Manchester Moho Live, that the reception for Crossfaith was thankfully well received.

The venue itself is rather deceiving from the outside but on the inside it is a pretty decent size and judging by the numbers of people here tonight this place would hold around 500 to 700 people. For a first timer here, you'd probably be a little begrudging to start with, with the whole baggage issue as upon entering it was made clear (unless you'd managed to sneak past the security that is) that you had to leave your bag in the cloakroom. This wasn't so bad but for the fact that it was time consuming and even more so after the gig had finished and the bodies, more sweatier now, pushed to form a not so straight line to collect said baggage. Not only this but the basement type venue had a serious lack of air conditioning and for the number of people there it did not take long at all for the air to become thin.

However, as Crossfaith finished their sound check and looked out toward the enthusiatic surge of the young crowd, vocalist Kenta shouting "We are Crossfaith! From Japan!", they began more or less instantaneously with "Monolith" their newest video in preparation for the upcoming new single EP "ZION" due for official release on the 20th June. 
The crowd moved along, jumping in time to the beat of Tatsuya's drumming, and for those dotted around who knew the words to the lyrics it was first a surprise but which quickly turned into a competition between the crowd and Kenta as to who could scream the loudest, elevating the enjoyability of the show to another level. 

If you had not already viewed the set list of their shows already played here in the UK, it was a welcomed and equally thrilling bonus for many fans who had come here to see them that they added The Prodigy's "Omen" on the bill. The reception for this song was absolutely amazing; touring the UK and adding this epic number from a UK legend like The Prodigy was a card played well. The programming from Terufumi, along with the bass (Hiroki) and guitar (Kazuki) are more refined, stamping their own mark on the classic with their heavier metal style. Even for those who did not know Crossfaith soon joined in with this one at least. 

Both the band and the crowd were in high spirits from beginning to end. Crossfaith really made for an exceptional opening act tonight, full of energy and enthusiasm, vocalist Kenta interacting with the crowd more or less the whole way through by towering above the rest from the edge of the stage reaching out to fans and encouraging as much movement as possible. 
The sound was fantastic, even in such a compact space you could clearly mark out each of the instruments played from the incredible drum beat pounding through out to the vocals which mixed a good amount of screamo with a few dashes of melody. 

Crossfaith's show today gave us a good dose of metal, arguably original in comparison to the other three acts of the night, something that every once in a while takes you by surprise much like a breath of fresh air. The five piece metallers did very well for their debut tour here in the UK, and for their show here in Manchester, making their impression on the British fans of metal and heavy rock and hopefully will bring about a next tour with bigger and more material on the agenda.