Vo. KenG
Twitter: @colorsnokenji
G. Taish Tsunematsu
B. Daniel Saunders
Dr. Paul Woodhead
Dr. Tom Atherton (Support Dr. for Doki Doki) from Ali Azimi & The Need' Persian/British rock crossover

Can you introduce yourself to the readers of our website and tell us an interesting fact about you and the other members of the band?
KenG - Colors, are London based, J-Rock band, re-formed in 2010. We have been playing in London, Leicester, Brighton, Osaka, Tokyo and Manchester.
Dan - I'm Dan & and I play bass in Colors. I'm also a huge gaming enthusiast and play smash bros competitively.
Tom - I was stopped several times walking the streets of Tokyo for people to have their picture taken with me (on account of arse-length blond hair)…..and I was once in a Tim Burton film ;)

What made you decide to re-form the band after so many years and how did you meet the other members of the band?
KenG - Colors, trying to use many "Colours" in the sound. Colors were initially formed in Japan in 1988 as a simple Punk Rock band, and returned with some more "Colours" today. We reformed “Colors” to bring some “Colours” back to this “Monotone Colour” in the music scene today.

Is there a message behind your music?
KenG - We are not trying to make something "NEW", but, something "DIFFERENT".

Was your performance at Doki Doki Festival this weekend the first time you have played in Manchester?
KenG - YES, it was for Colors.
Tom - No, I've played several times but mainly within the metal community.

Were you excited to be here? Did you have a chance to look around the city?
KenG – We were very excited!! Unfortunately, could not see much. We had to come back to London straight after the show.
Tom - I've been interested in Japanese culture (both traditional and Otaku) for a number of years, so it was great to play at an event like this. There wasn't a great deal of time to look around the city, but I have seen it a couple of times before.

How was the show at Doki Doki Festival for you, how did it compare to other shows you have done at conventions similar to this one?
KenG - We played at MCM and Amime Con in the past. My friend Kenzo-san was involved in the organising side at Doki Doki and made our jobs easy. It was very well organised, indeed!
Dan - It was good! It's nice to play the longer set list of virtually all our original material. I enjoy playing conventions a lot as it's a community which I come from - I can go and drink, chat and play games with my friends straight after the show! It's nice to connect with your audience on other levels and make friends that way.

Out of the gigs you have performed, which would you say sticks out in your memory? 
KenG - It always amazes me, that Japanese Anime, films, music or the culture itself, hitting this country so hard and is happening! It feels great that many people in the UK like our country and the culture. We would love to be involved more, and show them one side of something good about Japan.
Dan - Brighton Japan Festival this year has definitely been a big highlight for me. The turnout was phenomenal - better than ever - and the crowd were so responsive; you couldn't ask for a better audience or stage, and the organisation was top notch too.

Do you have any plans for a Europe tour, or perhaps the rest of the world, in the future? If you could choose, where would you most like to perform?
KenG - Yes, we might have some opportunities in EU, such as Prague, Krakow, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin next year!
Dan - I wish! I think we really need some form of sponsorship or label support to finance something of that scale (that's a big hint to any A&R types reading!). Personally I'd love to play Japan for obvious reasons, but I'd also really like to play Texas - I went to Screwattack Gaming Convention over there this year and it really is the friendliest state in the world.
Tom - I was only filling in with the band, but I have several tours around the UK, Europe and America planned for next year with my regular bands 'Ali Azimi & the Need' (Persian/ British rock) and 'Zaphonic' (Rock/ Dub Crossover).

You have of course performed at a few anime conventions and after-events before, but do you enjoy watching anime?
KenG - Yes, some of them I like. But, I was into Anime/Manga long time ago...
Dan - I think I'm correct in saying I'm the biggest anime fan in the group. I'm always trying to get them to cover anime themes ;)
Tom - I enjoy some anime but am much more into Japanese film, particularly Miike Takashi's work

Which are your favourites anime to watch and which character would you compare yourself to?
KenG - Ashita no Jo, Genma Taisen, Gundam, Ghibli and etc..
Dan - Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Welcome to the NHK, Studio Ghibli Films, Genshiken, His & Her Circumstances, Vampire Hunter D, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei... my tastes are pretty eclectic! I'd like to say I'm comparable to Jubei from the Ninja Scroll TV series... but that's probably not the case.

Finally, please would you give a message for your fans and our readers here in the UK?
KenG - It was great meeting you, people in Manchester! If ever liked our sound or performance, please try out our NEW EP “Paranoid”. (MP3 on iTunes, Amazon and etc…)Hope to see you all again in Manchester soon!
Dan - Thank you so much for your continued support! I think you're going to love the new record 'Paranoid' :) please keep spreading the word; let's grow the UK J-rock scene!

The new EP “Paranoid” can now be downloaded from:
CD Baby
Amazon UK