Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Ignite" mixes a healthy dose of heavy rock, deep rhythms and grinding guitars, with melodic and growling vocals. It is certainly a strong opening to the new single release from the quintet and, together with the second track "Terre", a strong release as a whole. 
With "Ignite" we have heavier vocal work from Nigu. The deep growls, which remain a frequent part of this track, certainly compliment the darker mood that the instruments are giving off. The grind of the guitars (Yuya, Iori) especially along with the unrelenting beats of Sora’s drums keeps the heavier atmosphere to a maximum. 
We do however get a little respite around half way through the track, but with one more growl from Nigu, the guitars respond with their own growl and the rapid drumming begins once more. 
There is a surprise finish to "Ignite". With the drone of the fading guitars, we begin to think that the track has ended, but this would be wrong. We have one last go. Finally ending with a heavy rhythm, thrashing drums and growling vocals to close on a high. 
 If "Ignite" left you feeling impressed then "Terre" should also prove to leave an equal impression on you. 
The track begins upbeat with a good rhythm that is very catchy, if a little infectious. You also get a very satisfying guitar solo, something that you do not get with "Ignite", which is backed by Sora's drums, HISAKI's bass and the guitars in such a way that is really quite epic and will be hard not to find yourselves wanted to go ahead and head-bang to. 
One possible issue that you may pick up on is the slightly overstretched melodies that Nigu uses when he sings. However there are still plenty of heavier moments, as well as the occasional growl, to take your mind away from this. 
 "Ignite" will be released officially on the 20th of March and will come with two new songs only, "Ignite" and "Terre".