Capella - Kokolocate


Run time: 56 minutes
Number of tracks: 12

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 7th August 2013

1. The beginning memories
2. Fate.
3. Wasurebana
4. swee-deli~kanbi na mousou~
5. Haizora
6. Drama Yasumijikan
7. crossino life
8. Bunki miss
9. reminder
10. Izanagi escort
11. Kokolocate
12. Gokusai no Neko (Album Ver.)

"Kokolocate" is the first full length album from Capella, and as they have recently said in their own comments, this album combines many different styles. 

Listening to "Kokolocate" you can definitely agree with this as there are a several new songs, amongst the recognisable earlier single releases that have also made their way onto the tracklist, that you wouldn't say sound 'out of place' but rather they stand out and makes this debut release an interesting and exciting album. 

"Kokolocate" opens with pretty melodies, a piano composition, and strong vocals from Bon. It is almost as if we are being led into the beginning of a story with just how cinematic the build up is with the lovely piano and glockenspiel elements, followed by the marvellously confident vocals, and then Shou's drums which are quiet at first and then increase in volume along with more heavier rhythms from Peco's bass and Harashima's guitar. 
It actually doesn't take long to hear for yourself just what different styles Capella are experimenting with for this album. Probably the most interesting of these early on in the album is "swee-deli~kanbi na mousou~". This track plays around with what sounds like a pop punk tone with a faster guitar pace, deeper yet playful bass lines, and background vocals of "Woah"'s in unison for the chorus which sounds great alongside Bon's own upbeat and catchy vocals. 
"Haizora" then brings the mood down as the album ventures into a ballad type track. The tempo is a lot slower with a steady and consistent drum beat but something that does remain is the strength of Bon's voice. If it wasn't for the deep undertone of the electric guitar the intensity of the vocals could have drowned out the lovely tone of this track. 
Any attempt to try and figure out where this album is heading next is pretty useless which makes listening to this the first time so thrilling. Another change of genre comes with the darker "Bunki Miss" and then the jazz infused "Yuunagi escort".
"Bunki Miss" especially is one track that catches you off guard from the very opening as there is a penultimate heavier tone now, with deeper vocals and the occasional growl, harsher guitar melodies, and a pounding bass rhythm. However the chorus soon changes this, becoming more melodic and with the slight space-like theme of the background electronica elements, everything combined, really help to keep your ears pricked to attention. 
"Kokolocate" will be released officially on the 7th of August and it will be limited to 1000 copies only so make sure that you order your own copy pretty soon! Also don't be too hasty to listen to the album again until you have checked out the bonus track right at the end. You won't be disappointed.