august 2013

Kirin Works spoke to Capella about the release of their first full album 'Kokolocate'
Thank you to Claire Higgins for translating...

Can you tell us how Capella was formed? 
Bon: Hara-chan and I formed a unit called Kuu, and then we had the opportunity to invite Peko-san and Shou-kun as support. 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: Because the stance of the songs made by Harashima for Bon to sing were Kuu, we changed the name to Capella with the feeling of the four of us proceeding to create songs together.
Peko: Although I was away from band activities for a while, I thought that if it was these four people it could be a lot of fun if I had the chance to join them. ☆
Shou: After about 3 months of taking part as support, I decided to become a member. 

Tell us about how you first joined Starwave Records... 
Bon: When we were searching for a company to distribute our CD, Kiwamu-san just called us up. 

Are you excited about the release of your first album? 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: More than completing the album, it’s more exciting to imagine things such as what kind of facial expression a person will make or what kind of feeling they will have as they listen to the album song by song. 
Bon: Excited! Fufuuu! 
Peko: Absolutely! 
Shou: WE DID IT! 

Do you have a specific theme behind it?
Bon: The theme this time is ‘memories’ and ‘reminiscence’. Moreover, it incorporates things like rebirth and fate and we tried to make it like ourselves! 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: Because memories aren’t just happy and fun things, I think they can’t be represented by one genre. So in order to have a rich body of work we tried to spread a variety of themes throughout the album. 
Shou: For humans the main theme that everyone has is ‘heart’, so this is a good and easily understandable subject.  
Peko: Maybe there are many places you can receive sympathy! I certainly hope I can try and search for it! ☆

Where did you draw your inspiration from when writing music? 
Bon: In my case, although I think of things like the kind of melody of a song when I write the song lyrics, I feel I concentrate on the rough image I get from the words and the story I want to convey. I also think about things like who I want to convey the song to. 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: There are many things to think about when we create a song such as the standpoint of the person who will hear it. Next, what kind of song will be surprising and from where will those kinds of song we want come from? Occasionally I think about the fanciful artist in me and may make a song while imagining that artist’s live performance or PV. 

Who did the art for your album? 
Bon: This time a person called Karu-san kindly did the CD jacket art for us! Because they are my favourite artist, no matter what I wanted Karu-san to draw it! 

How did you come up with the title, ‘Kokorokeito? 
Bon: From the themes I mentioned earlier, we connect ‘kokoro’ (heart) and ‘rokeito’ (locate) so we get ‘kokorokeito’, which coins the meaning of ‘the location of the heart’.*
Peko: We all contributed to the idea of the association of the words from the themes! 
* In Japanese ココロケイト (Kokorokeito)

Your look for the album release has changed dramatically from the release of reminder, do you design your own outfits? Which outfit has been your favourite? 
Bon:  For ‘Kokorokeito’, because there were many stories of school aged heroes, this time we designed our own custom-style school uniforms! Personally, right now I like costumes and Japanese style clothes! ☆
Peko: To mix it up! And furthermore I want to get the look of being kinda cute by being androgynous! ☆ I liked the outfits we had for ‘Reminder’, but I like the outfits we have now even more! 
Shou: This costume is my favourite. The costume this time is the image I had in mind from my favourite game, I thought about expanding the image that came from the appearance of that character myself. 

Do you have a favourite song from the album? 
Bon: Mine is ‘Gokusai no Neko’, though we changed the album version, the story of the song became very important to me. 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: Mine’s ‘Haizora’. By nature the songs that I like are ballads, so at the time of making it and when we perform it power really comes into the song. 
Peko: Mine is ‘The Beginning Memories’! Though it’s a beautiful song, after it the album will begin to be packed with excitement. 
Shou: Mine is ‘Kokorokeito’. It’s a song that I feel most shows the band we could be as for about a year our activities were to discover what we wanted to do. 

How long did it take to complete the album? 
Bon: It took a seriously long time! If you go from the initial conception, then it took maybe 4.5 months. 
Peko: But if I noticed, it happened in the blink of an eye! It was fun! ☆
Harashima Tsuyoshi: We had our oldest song at the demo stage and because what we had was similar to what we made before we formed this band, there is also stuff from many years ago. 

You will play in Canada shortly after the release of your album, are you looking forward to playing overseas? 

Bon: Of course! This will be my first time to go overseas, so I’m really looking forward to it! 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: Playing in a place you don’t know will of course be fun! 
Peko: I’m absolutely looking forward to it! Although I think it will mostly be people who will see Capella for the first time, I really want everyone to enjoy it! 
Shou: I definitely think everyone should enjoy it! 

Where is the one country in the world you would love to play? 
Bon: I want to go everywhere in the world! If there are people who listen to and enjoy our songs then no matter where they are, I want to go! 
Harashima Tsuyoshi: If there are people who enjoy our music, then no matter where they are I want to go. When I was a student I listened to Oasis and they had a real impact on me, so I want to try to go to the U.K. 
Peko: I want to play in an unusual place even if nobody has ever played there before! ☆ The kind of unusual place that would even make the news! Haha! 
Shou: I want to go everywhere! I want to find people who do not yet know of Capella! 

Finally a message for your fans in the UK... 
Bon: We would definitely love to play in the U.K, so thank you for your support! Go buy the album, hmm ;)? ☆
Harashima Tsuyoshi: I’ll be happy if we can all meet someday. By all means, please try to experience Capella’s music. 
Peko: We will do our best in order to come and have a live in the U.K someday! When that happens, please show me lots of smiling faces! 
Shou: I think Capella has been influenced a lot by U.K rock. I want you to feel something like that when listening to ‘Kokorokeito’.