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29th August 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
 "Miraitsushinbo", translating roughly into English as 'Future hopes', is a very charming and positive sounding new pop song from rock band Capella.
The title track really creates an inviting atmosphere, as you reach the chorus especially, you can almost imagine this being performed or played at a coming-of-age or graduation. The melody from the lyrics definitely gives a slightly anthem type feel to it and try as you might it could prove a little difficult to not want to crack a smile when the energy and melodies bounce through your eardrums. 
What especially makes "Miraitsushinbo" so unavoidable to like, is Bon's singing. Bon's voice remains confident, clear and the expression you can hear through the lyrics and the melodies is fantastic. 
Together with the upbeat composition from the instruments, the energetic tempo on the drums (Shou), the attractive rhythms and melodies from the guitars (Peco on bass and Tsuyoshi on lead guitar), each compliment and work together to give every listener of this new song a brilliantly engaging pop-rock sensation. 
Plus, not so long after the release of their debut album, it is safe to say that Capella can certainly deliver the goods and we cannot wait for the next instalment! 
This limited press single will be released officially on the 29th of August and can be purchased on Starwave Records' online shop. 
Purchasing the single online from Starwave Records will get you the CD featuring the track "Miraitsushinbo" plus a member comment. You will also receive one Polaroid picture and a bonus DVD of 'behind the scene' clips.
20th March 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
 "Reminder" is the third single release; the second of this year, from  Starwave Records' band Capella. 
 The title track, also called "Reminder", is a charming and mellow  opening to the bands new single that begins with a short burst of  electric guitar before an acoustic guitar is also introduced. The  combination of electric instruments, the bass (Hajime) and the  guitar (Tsuyoshi), with the rhythms and melodies of the acoustic  guitar really do sound lovely together as (Shou) keeps the pace of  the song fairly mid tempo both smoothly and pleasantly. 
(Bon) vocals also enhance the captivating quality of "Reminder". His voice remains constant, clear, and equally melodic throughout the song as his tone compliments and keeps well to the beautiful music score.
 The softer and richer style of "Reminder" which greets you as the first track on the single, quite possibly, might not have been what you were expecting. On the other hand, "Gokujyoheisakukan" might just be. 
"Gokujyoheisakukan", as you first listen to it, is obviously more upbeat and more of your 'rock' song. The acoustic and the initial charm that you felt with "Reminder" is now gone and we have a funky and slightly cheeky sounding track that follows.
 The bass is particularly good in this track, clear and completely unavoidable, as the vocals from (Bon) now take on more of an energetic and upbeat quality. As opposed to "Reminder", (Bon) really sounds like he is putting his life into singing this song, sometimes sounding a little harassed as he belts out the higher notes in the song, but he hits them all very well even if they do sound slightly edgy. 
The third track on the release, "Electrolinks", is much like an in between song as it pulls both the charm from "Reminder" and the heavier rock element of "Gokujyoheisakukan". 
The lovely choice of synthesiser sounds, which hasn't been used in this release yet, work really well together with the melodies of the guitars and arguably you could say this addition of the synthesiser make it sounds a bit like something the more Romantics bands of the early 90's used. All in all, "Electrolinks" is a nice ending, pulling all the strings together and packaging "Reminder" up neatly. 
"Reminder" will be released on the 20th of March and will be available on hard disk from Starwave Records and CDJapan. It will be Limited Release and will come with a bonus DVD that will feature the music video for "Reminder". It will also be available to download through ITunes or Amazon.