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Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki" compliments both the melodic and the heavier side of Calmando Qual. With the gothic and electronica style seemingly gone for now, Calmando Qual are promoting a heavy, punk rock, and slightly metal style instead. 
"Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki" starts with a solitary bass rhythm (Kenka) and we half expect that the drums (MAYA) and guitar (Tak) will follow closely in a heavy explosion of sound. This expectation is not wasted, as both the drums and the guitar follow in this fashion, Tak especially giving the track a particular metal quirk from his instrumentation. 
As Hibiki (Vocals) begins with the first verse his style is arguably along the punk lines, deeper tones and snappier lyrics, however the chorus becomes more melodic rock in comparison. The notes used in the chorus sound more positive which might take some fans by surprise to begin with but, on the other hand, along with the deeper rhythms from the string instruments and with the hard hitting beats of Kenka's drumming, each contribution of sound levels out giving this track an equal dose of melody and darkness to listen to. 
The second track "Crush!" however brings plenty of familiarity of the raw and darker element of Calmando Qual. The pace is a little slower, but the rhythm coming from Kenka's drumming is particularly effective in this song, especially in the chorus as he uses simple yet effective techniques to coincide with Hibiki's vocal work which themselves remain raw with a punk undertone through out. 
"Monochrome", the third track, opens with some charming guitar melodies and once again we have Hibiki's mellower and more melodic vocals like what we heard briefly in the first track. 
However something you might realise, after listening to "Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki" and then "Monochrome", is how the guitar is highlighted. Both of these tracks have a rather hefty solo piece from Tak, and in comparison to older releases, this alone certainly makes you feel appreciative when you take into account this is only one single release. 
"Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki" will be released officially on the 30th of January and will come with four new tracks entitled "Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki", "Crush!", "Monochrome" and "Deep Sea" (an instrumental track). The Limited Edition will also come with a bonus DVD, which will feature their new music video for "Yami Wo Tsuranuku Gekijyo No Kagayaki". 


Shiyorifukaishinonakade Taken from BLACK SHEEP
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Calmando Qual will be releasing their third full length album, entitled "BLACK SHEEP", and it will be available for purchase officially on the 27th of June. 

"Shiyorifukaishinonakade", the second track, opens with a rather novel bass line from Kenka. This is soon replaced however by a more sinister sounding guitar melody, Tak bringing in a slight ferocity to the introduction of this song, with harsher notes which diverge from the near funk of the opening bass rhythm.  
As the first verse unfolds, Hibiki's voice resonates above the instruments, giving "Shiyorifukaishinonakade" even more of an edge. Hibiki's lyrical and emotional range keeping it intense through the verses and accelerating perfectly for each chorus to coincide with the increase in rhythm and melody from the strings and drums. 
MAYA's drumming itself remains constant and upbeat in this new track. He keeps the rhythm going steady through out, never once too overpowering, with sharp clarity. 
The instrumental follows this same pattern, building up with short bursts of Kenka's bass as heard at the very beginning before Hibiki's opening vocals, equally rapid fires of Tak's guitar and MAYA's drums which create a playful yet devilish 'calm before the storm', or as it really is, Tak's guitar solo. The guitar solo itself is also just as playful, yet at the same eerie and unique, with it's artful and dark melodies. 
Calmando Qual's "BLACK SHEEP" will come with a generous ten new tracks in total.
"Shiyorifukaishinonakade", as aforementioned is only the second track on the album, but it is certainly a promise of what darker and menacing things are sure to follow with the rest of the new material on there. 
In one final sentence, this new track is fast, lively, and brimming with gothic rock vibrancy, which will leave you hungry to hear the rest.

Dead Man's Party
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
"Deadman's Party" which was released on the 22nd of December, 2010 has a cross between a somewhat sinister sound with a rebellious rock edge. Opening with a catchy riff that repeats a couple of times before the bass and drums set in for a few moments, it’s that moment where you can hear the adamant punk sound. The same goes for the chorus work, the vocals seem very raw and slightly out of sync with the guitars at first until the second stage kicks in, and then the rock edge is there. They seem to have created a song that superimposes several ideas into one track, giving it an interesting quality at least.
Compared to one of their previous singles, "Twisted Clock" it’s easy to see that the thick punkish sound seems to be a change of direction for the band. The latter single is darker, heavier and what you could actually interpret as gothic rock, with a funky backing edge. It's completely different in style and genre to "Deadman's Party" and also suits Hibiki's vocal work a lot better as well.
So, this single doesn't seem to be that strong a release from the band this time round, but you can certainly tell why they possibly have a larger fanbase in Europe. They are however, not a bad band at all and seem capable of knowing what they are doing at least, regardless of the strength of the outcome of a single.