September 2012


Kirin Works spoke to Kenta, vocalist of CROSSFAITH before their show in Manchester Club Academy.

How did the band form?
Before CROSSFAITH I was in a Nu metal band with Kazuki. It was like Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit. When we broke up we formed CROSSFAITH and invited Tatsuya because we knew him from the same school.

Why did you decide on the name CROSSFAITH?
We got the name because everyone has their own faith and life style, and they all cross on a bend with each other.

 Which city has given you the best crowd here in the UK?
Underworld in London. Our Tour manager said that London was too difficult to play. But this show was a great success with the London crowds.

You have covered Prodigy's "Omen", what made you choose this song?
We love Prodigy, they combine rock and hardcore music. We’re greatly influenced by electronic music in the UK.

Are there any plans for a new Album release?
After this tour of UK and Europe, we’ll be back to Japan to write more songs then we’ll be going to the States to record the new album with Machine.

 Apart from musical equipment, what would be an essential item that you have to bring on tour with you?
Microphone of course, money…movies like 2001 Space Odyssey. All my favourite films.

 Most bands we have spoken to don't always get the opportunity to sight see... have you managed to see anything of the cities you have performed at?
Last tour we didn’t have any time to looks around but this time we can take a moment to turn around where we are. It’s very nice here, in Japan it’s so crowded and so different. I love the buildings here, they’re beautiful.

Finally a message for your fans in the UK…
Please come to one of our shows in the UK and check out ZION on Youtube our latest single. We love England!