CROSSFAITH @ Academy 2

Academy 2
29th April 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome


After touring the UK already, alongside bands such as While She Sleeps and Of Mice And Men, CROSSFAITH have returned once more onto British soil with Sheffield's own Bring Me The Horizon.

Last year witnessed two UK tours, and also headlining shows down in London, from the Osaka group and each time their following noticeably grew. This time around we are promised something on a more epic scale. Not only is the show tonight being held in one of the larger of the venue rooms at Manchester's Student Union, but the apparent fans lurking between the crowd outside with flags and wearing last year's teeshirts are certainly a dead give away that once they get inside they will give CROSSFAITH the welcome back that they deserve.

It was not disappointing. The atmosphere heightened to a level not yet seen here in Manchester, a huge number raising fists and arms into the air and also tremendous roars from more or less half of the room, as CROSSFAITH came onstage and began their first song "Monolith" and then followed by the spirited "Jagerbomb". With only a few key words, which were also cleverly featured in the songs themselves, vocalist Kenta caused the room to erupt into massive mosh-pit. No matter where you were standing you could not escape the whirlwind of bodies that circled inside this venue to a point that was jaw dropping. 
Of course no CROSSFAITH gig would be complete without their cover of "Omen" which was met with the same ferociousness , and as "Photosphere" opened, it was pretty clear that the next level of participation from the crowd was close to being realised. As the band looked out on the sea of people, Kenta with a simple parting movement of his hands, motioned for the crowd to split. A wall of death was now on the cards which left no room for any escape. 
Altogether, CROSSFAITH's show (and notably the first one of this tour) was quite possibly the best live performance they have given in Manchester so far. The sound was impeccable in the venue used and the energy on and off the stage was unmatchable. With a brand new album promised later in the year, headlining shows later this month and a few festival performances due, CROSSFAITH are a metal band on the rise to bigger and better things... watch out... you won't want to miss it.