CROSSFAITH @ Club Academy

Club Academy
27th September 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Omen (The Prodigy Cover)
Stars faded in the slow motion

After the reception CROSSFAITH received at the tour earlier this year, there was no doubt that the crowd tonight would give the five piece rockers from Osaka another warm welcome. Unlike last time however, there seems to be an undeniably bigger fan base here in Manchester tonight, from the amount of people thronging to get nearer to the front of the stage and also the numerous calls of "CROSSFAITH!" resonating in the basement venue. 
As the band enter the noise ascends until the loud drone of the guitar, followed by Terufumi (programming) and the rapid collisions of Tatsuya on his drums drown all else out giving lead for Kenta (vocals) to follow in an explosive introduction with "MONOLITH". 
"MONOLITH" combines a real heavy metal sound not just by the tremendous velocity of the drums and the deep bass rhythms (Hiroki), but also the roar of the guitar (Kazuki), which compliments Kenta's fantastic growls and screams. Not forgetting the experimental use of Terufumi's programming skills which, when everything is brought together, offers a really good opening song which is limitless when it comes to how you want to react. Head bang, mosh, dance, it can affect you in whatever way but one thing that is certain is that the crowd here today appreciate this song and are giving the band right amount of attention that they deserve. 
If "MONOLITH" had not already got those pulses racing then "Jagerbomb", the second song which followed, would certainly get your moods swiftly in gear for a good head banging or mosh session. With a seriously intensive and more upbeat track, "Jagerbomb" proved again to be a fantastic follow on to keep the crowd in a high spirits. 
Though it is obvious that there are more people who have come here to see CROSSFAITH since their tour of the UK (alongside 'Of Mice And Men') back in April and the band, even with their unmatchable energy, confidence and the fact that they seem to be a lot more comfortable this time round, the set list is threatening to be unchanging. 
However as the band get the usual crowd pleasing and mandatory introductions out of the way, CROSSFAITH give Manchester something a little different. Not yet performed live on their UK tour so far, the third song "Quaser" offers us something new and possibly unexpected as well. Not only do we hear a new track from their newest EP "Zion" for the first time in a live atmosphere but thankfully we have some variety, a break from what could have turned into a routine, or too much of a sameness from the last show and it was received with tremendous fervour from the crowd.
No CROSSFAITH set performed here on the Isles would be complete without "Omen". As "Quaser" draws to a close and people have a short breather, the next few seconds, which follows along with the recognisable introduction from Terufumi, arguably takes the lime light. 
"Omen" brings a unified sense of gratification with the crowd, even those who have not come to see this band in particular would probably recognise or appreciate this cover, and it is covered very well. Mixing some extra electronic sounds, along with the throaty screams and metal style, CROSSFAITH have delivered another deserving performance with this song. 

CROSSFAITH have again given the Manchester crowd plenty of energy, plenty of memorable moments, and plenty of their metal-core madness. It almost makes you wish there had been more set-list wise but, from the five songs they did perform tonight, they gave us a truly incredible gig. 
Plus with their newest EP "Zion" not long since released, and the possibility of a new album on the horizon, the next time we see CROSSFAITH will mean some fresh sounds and a fresh show for their fans not just here but worldwide.