CROSSFAITH @ Academy 2 2016

Academy 2
26th March 2016
Written by Rachel Yarwood

System X
Raise Your Voice
Ghost in the Mirror
Devil's Party
Countdown to Hell

DJ & Drum Solo
Omen(The Prodigy cover)

You can always rely on Manchester to bring four seasons of weather into the space of an afternoon but as security opened the doors of Manchester University's Student Union promptly at 7pm, fans got relief from the wintry weather outside and huddled inside the Academy 2 to wait for the first of two bands that will be supporting Crossfaith tonight. 

The One Hundred and The Qemists both supplied electric amounts of energy from the start. They got the crowd's vibe bouncing, bodies crashed in the mosh pit, heads thrashed to the rhythm and voices shouted for more. Things didn't seem like it could get any better than it already was until Ken joined The Qemists onstage to perform their new collaboration track "Anger" which was a definite highlight.

By the time we were welcoming Crossfaith back onstage, now as headliners once again, with roars, cheers, extended arms throwing fists or metal horns it was feeling more like an epic homecoming rave than a gig. 

Kicking off their  Xeno 2016 show is "Xeno". The crowd erupts into a frenzy and those of us who can avoid being pulled into the core of the mosh pit that once again opened up, making a rough guesstimate at approximately a third of the entire room, headbang with furor.
This is the beginning of a show that does not give any relief to anyone except possibly those propping up the bar. Not until Tatsuya's drum solo right before the encore were we given a few minutes to catch our breath and rest our bodies from the intensity of the performance here tonight. 
The standard this band are at right now is immeasurable. Vocalist Ken controls the stage and the crowd with confidence whilst Hiroki and Kazuki weave to either side to please their fans further, encouraging as much participation from us as they could. Even Teru at one point climbing on top of his equipment, which was hastily held steady by crew members, egged on the crowd from the back to jump higher, raise voices higher and party harder. 
"Photosphere" needed no further persuasion from anyone. For this gem of a song and not forgetting "Omen" as well, which was performed as part of the encore, fans seemed to muster an extra boost of energy to match that which was coming from the five guys onstage.

Crossfaith have delivered a whirlwind of a show in Manchester and as the Xeno 2016 tour is coming to a close here in the UK, Crossfaith are making way for their next monstrous installment with the promise of a new album this summer, followed by a tour later this year.
That leaves just one thing for us; be ready.