October 2012


Kirin Works spoke to Budo÷Grape before their show in Manchester

This is your first time performing in the UK, what was your reaction when the tour was announced and you realised you would be playing for a British audience?

Nagai÷Grape: We had our first show in Brighton and we were all very nervous before but after the show we were very happy because of how crazy the audience were. At the start they were very shy almost embarrassed to move but as the set went on they got closer and closer and more and more crazy so we were very happy.
The next day we had our show at the MCM Expo in London. 3 years ago we played in the US at an anime convention and it was very similar to the one in England with all the cosplayers it was very exciting. The audience in London was a lot younger then in Brighton and was very cool with a high energy.
How was the show last night in London?
Nagai÷Grape: We played in a Bowling space instead of a live house. It was our first experience playing anywhere like this and it was fun to see some people bowling during the show while others watched us, very different experience for it. We didn't play ourselves but we watched some of the audience playing.
Your new album was released in April this year, how did it feel when you had that finished product going out on sale?

Nagai÷Grape: With our new album we paid a lot for the studio because we wanted to record this one seriously and it took a long time for our label to get it. We were very satisfied with the finished album. We prepared and wrote 50 songs for it but in the end we cut it down by 40 so our music was made to the highest quality it could be.

In your newest music video, we see that you have 'swapped' clothing... guys you are wearing dresses and wigs, and girls you are wearing suits... was this fun to do? Did you choose your own outfits?
Nagai÷Grape: The location we filmed the PV was in a Temple. It was a very peaceful place to be but we had very funky costumes on. This made the people in the Temple very concerned with what we were doing but it all worked out well. For my costume, my girlfriend showed me three different dresses and I picked the one out for the video.

What other music or bands do you enjoy listening to?
Nagai÷Grape: I have loved UK music for a very long time. Rolling Stones and The Beatles. A lot of 70's music. The punk movement was very shocking for Japan when it started out with the Sex Pistols and the Clash, but I love all of it. All English and UK Rock is my favourite. All of us feel the same way.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Quminco÷Grape: I practise karate. I've been studying it for 2 years now and I want to continue to study and become even stronger.
Matsui÷Grape: I sleep...
Quminco÷Grape: And he is always drinking!
Matsui÷Grape: Yes...sleeping and drinking
Naho÷Grape: I love to shop on the internet and do yoga.
Matsui÷Grape: I watch movies on DVD and Video.

Finally please could you give a message for your fans here in the UK? 
Nagai÷Grape: Playing in the UK has always been out dream, we are very interested in UK music so our dreams have come true with this short tour. I hope our audience have and will enjoy us because we haven't just played London, we love all of the UK and this is the first time we've played here. Hopefully it won't be the last time as well! Please invite us back in the future!
Quminco÷Grape: This is our first time in the UK and we cannot wait for you to invite us back so please do very soon! I really like English people! Please watch our videos and listen to our music on Youtube!
Nagai÷Grape: It is a miracle to be able to play here. Japan and the UK are very different but our music brings us together and makes us one.