BUDO÷GRAPE - Amsterdam


Run time: 50 minutes 7 seconds
Number of tracks: 14

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 4th June 2014

 Raincoat de tsukisusume
 kimi no shiranai ureshii ippai
 wasurerarenai no
 nomisō jutaichū
 mayoi no kōsaten
 The End
 kare no namae o omoidasenai
 kieta purin
 shinki itten hikkoshimashita
 soko ni iru no wa dare?
 Surprise o motto

Budo Grape's 7th studio album, "Amsterdam", is arguably the best yet... and whilst you can say that about most bands who release something new, this band is certainly one that never seems to fail in delivering an interesting and energetic release. 

"Amsterdam" is packed full of charming vocals, quirky tunes and vigorous energy that never seems to dwindle, that will obviously not surprise you if you have listened to Budo Grape and have seen them perform live before, however this new album also promotes a newer and fresher sound for the band which is sure to excite more than a few ears. 
We are introduced to the album with a retro-synth sound which continues through to the first full length track "Raincoat de Tsuki Susume". Along with this Qumiko's vocals sound very mature, if giving off a slightly sombre tone, which compliments the wistful resonance coming through from Naho's keyboards. 
Not only do we hear a range of vocal abilities from Qumiko on this new album, the mature to the bold and of course the high exuberance that is impossible to not feel your spirit uplifted when listening, we also have a more playful and confident sounding keyboard instrumentations in comparison to the last album release.

Right between the lively retro pop and the jazzy elements, "Kare no namae o omoidasenai" (I can't remember his name) is a refreshing and beautiful track, with charming acoustics and accompanying vocals from Nagai, that gives us a perfect break more or less in the middle of the album before being taken back on the roller-coaster for another round. 

Whilst on the one hand "Amsterdam" gives fans of Budo Grape the same fun-filled pop that they are undoubtedly expecting, the album also shows that the band are not afraid to try something new and collaborate it with their existing sound. 
Budo Grape have done this so fantastically to the point that you can start listening to this album and completely lose yourself until you realise you are at the end. Then you simply hit repeat. 

"Amsterdam" will be released officially on the 4th of June.