It was good to see you back in the UK for Doki Doki Festival. How did it feel being back and performing again in Manchester?
Quminco: We played at a different venue in Manchester last year. I was little nervous and worried as to whether our gig will be a success or not. But I was able to meet you and many  of our friends again! You all made us happy. I think we were able to do an amazing gig.
Nagai: It was great to see our friends again and meet new fans at Doki Doki! It was a great show. I could see and feel that the audiences were quite exited.

How did you feel about the show last time you were here?
Quminco: We had nothing in Manchester last time. That was our first time in Manchester. We didn't have any friends and nobody really knew us.  We did our best and it was an amazing night. Our gig was great but fans in Manchester were few. But they were cool and awesome.
Nagai: Our first gig in Manchester was in a club space. It was also our first UK tour so no one knew us. There was a few in the audience. But with our first song the core power of the audience made our situation better and better. I appreciated that!

It's obviously a difference experience from last time... playing in the upstairs of a pub and now you are at a culture festival with a lot more people and a larger space. How did you prepare yourself?
Quminco: We have experience from a US tour. In texas, our audience was 3000 people. I was a little nervous but I was looking forward to meet new fans! Many of our fans give us a lot of power. I bet small gig is more difficult than larger gig.
Nagai: We never could imagine the situation of the venues in UK before we play. Any situation is fine. We always do our best.

What has the band been doing since your last album release? Any new songs/ material on the horizon?
Quminco: We are making a lot of new songs and we are playing many more gigs in Japan. We have the sorts of gig in Japan. For example, Paris festival in Japan etc.
Nagai: We've been making new songs. And we are just recording now. It's going well!

You performed twice for Doki Doki, once in the afternoon and then in the evening. How did it feel to be the headliners and kicking off the 'after party'?
Quminco: I was very happy to do that. I guess a lot of audience had seen us for the first time. They looked like they enjoyed themselves! 
Nagai: Yes, we knew that we had an important position for Doki Doki. I felt a little under pressure but the audience's power in Doki Doki made me forget that. Especially the after party as it was much more crazy. That was a great experience for us.

How did you feel about playing two shows in one day?
Quminco: It was great! We had 4 gigs in 3 days. The schedule was so tight. But we are strong! Because the UK fans gave us power.
Nagai: Actually wa we were a little tired before the show because of all the travelling. (Nagoya-Tokyo-London-Manchester) But when the gig started our fatigue wore off.

The second show was at the after party for over 18s. Do you feel more comfortable performing for younger or older audiences?
Quminco: I think both audiences were young. They were all very cute!!  In another city, maybe our fans were more adults. Our fans range from baby to elderly. lol
Nagai: Any generation is fine for us.

How did the two different audiences compare?
Quminco: I bet that the first audience were drinking coke. Then I bet that the second audience were drinking beer!
Nagai: The audience for the after party was crazierI think.

Did you had much of a chance to take a look around Manchester during your visit this time?
Quminco: We didn't have much time. I walked around my hotel in next morning. Manchester's morning was very beautiful. I enjoyed that time.
Nagai: We didn't have enough time for sight seeing but I could walk around on the streets of Manchester for a short time in the morning.  There were many cool looking shops and restaurants. It was very interesting.

How was your experience at Doki Doki?
Quminco: I felt in love with the fans at Doki Doki. You all have brilliant eyes. Very cute.
Nagai: We got to know our nice English friends deeply. It was a miraclulous and wonderful experience that people from two different countries that are far apart and very different cultures could be connected by music. 

Would you come back?
Quminco: I really want to come back!! I can't wait to see you all again.
Nagai: Of course! Please invite us again!

If you could see anything or do anything in the UK, what would you see or do?
Quminco: Please tell me what you would recommend!! But I want to do a lot of gigs in our time.  Oh! But I had thought that I also want to dance with you all after our gigs. When I signed CD's after the second show, everyone enjoyed dancing to the Japanese anime songs! I wanted to dance with everyone that time!!
Nagai: I want to go to some live houses as a member of the audience and second-hand record shops as well.

Finally a message for the UK.
Quminco: We came back to the UK only twice but we already know that the UK is fantastic. I miss our UK fans. Please call us back to the UK again! I hope we will be back again.
Nagai: We are recording our new album. It'll definitely be an amazing one! I can't wait to come to see you with that. Don't forget Budo Grape!