Various release Dates

4321Hi Wo Tukero
Zankokuna Yasashisa
Hakase Ni Sodan
Kyo No Kare Ashita No Watashi
Unmei No Bus
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Alternative pop band Budo Grape announced to their fan-base the arrival of new singles to be released digitally through iTunes, the first two to be released in March and then the next two in May and another two in August ahead of the release of a new and anticipated album. Of course you'd be forgiven in thinking that perhaps these new singles are actually disguised as the new track list for the new album... but of course we will have to sit on our hands and continue to speculate until the fateful release day comes around! 

So what's the sound like at present?

"4321Hi Wo Tukero" the first single to be released offers an upbeat, dance element to begin with. With a bouncing bass line and chirpy vocals, this track is the perfect, cheery song that will uplift any mood and of course to dance along to.

"Zankokuna Yasashisa" on the other hand is the complete opposite. With quirky vocals from both Quiminco and Naho together in unison, with repetitive programming vocals in the background and edgy guitar and keyboard melodies, this track offers a more off key perspective to Budo Grape's sounds but the style is definitely still very 'them'.

The second bout of singles sees "Haskase Ni Sodan" being released first which again brings in the fun and chirpy quality, though perhaps not as upbeat as "4321Hi Wo Tukero", but the guitar solos and brilliant tempo from the drums keeps this right on form and will undoubtedly be a top track to feature on future set lists as not only will it be a good song to dance to but also to participate vocally as the audience. 

We start to think that we are hearing a pattern now with "Kyo No Kare Ashita No Watashi", the fourth track to be released, as it takes us back to a sound rather similar to "Zankokuna Yasashisa". However, unlike "Zankokuna Yasashisa", this track certainly features more melody in comparison and a slightly game-theme tune from the background keyboards.

"Angou" the fifth song to be released breaks the pattern that we were suspecting. "Angou" is a charming, albeit with a slower pace, track. Again we have a communion between Quiminco and Naho's vocals and they never fail to impress us with their brilliant vocal work, both working so well together in perfect harmony that is simply mesmerizing. 

"Unmei No Bus" is the flip side of the coin with regards to vocals. Instead of Naho we have Nagai taking on the secondary vocals which is a refreshing addition. The song is again charming, a nice ballad type track, that has a pop nursery-rhyme type of quirk to it that is positively engrossing whilst also keeping to that 'avant-garde' quality that Budo Grape promote so well. 
Altogether Budo Grape have certainly been consistent with the releases and with the quality of those releases. Keeping us well entertained and well impressed with what they have been giving us the past few months and keeping us waiting with as much patience as we can muster for the imminent full length album.