Islington Mill
Salford, Manchester
5th December 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome

(Yushikai) Revue
Flood, Part 3

The second date on their UK and European tour sees BORIS performing in the North West of Manchester. 
The venue was not in the best of locations. Situated in the midst of a housing and flat estate in Salford, Islington Mill is in fact an old industrial mill transformed into a live house seeing artists local, national, and international alike performing here. 
On the other hand, once you get over the area you've just walked through and the industrial appearance of the building itself, you are genuinely surprised

You are instantly met with a warm 
ambiance  friendly staff, and making your way through to a rather spacious room in the back of the building you are greeted with a few leather seats, a bar, and a humble stage. 

As BORIS promptly enter the stage at 9PM you 
realize just how placid a crowd and a show this is probably going to be. There is no barrier, no crowd control, the stage is only a few inches high from floor level and the crowd do not make any sudden movements to get any closer to the stage than they already are which is an oddity especially when you consider their roots with punk, metal and instrumental rock. 

"Huge" is the opening song of the night. Wata begins with ear splittingly high pitched groans from her guitar, which is met with equally deafening booms, as Atsuo gives the gong standing behind his drum kit a few hits.

It is close to four minutes before bassist and vocalist Takeshi begins with the vocals, which are low and hard to make out in comparison to the high level of volume the instruments are at, making it a little difficult to make out the words for most of this song.

The smoke machines are also initiated pretty early on and from the onset you wonder whether the amount being used is such a good idea. It does not just smother the stage and BORIS so you cannot see any of them on stage, but moved slowly to choke the front rows of the crowd as well.

On the other hand, the sound itself was obviously not affected by the billowing clouds of smoke and together with the simple stage lighting must have looked quite cool to those at back of the room who were also not affected!

"Rainbow" follows from "Huge" with a slower pace at first. Wata accompanies Takeshi with the vocals and gives this song a very smooth and serene sound.

As the tempo increases, Atsuo seems to spring into life once more, raising the entertaining level a step further as the main audience motivator. Not technically one of the lead vocals, but by far the lead when it came to speaking to the fans and encouraging people to move and dance to the beat and the music.

As "Vanilla" opens, with an exceptionally upbeat tempo and very neat guitar riffs from Wata, this song arguably becomes one the highlights of the night.

Wata and Takeshi again work extremely well in the live atmosphere to compliment each other as they take it in turns with the vocals or 
harmonies  Atsuo, at each given moment as he is most definitely the one exhibiting the most energy, revels in the uplifting mood of these faster songs and this continues with the next performance of "Statement". The crowd too follow his lead and there is an increase of movement through the room, more than what there was to begin with, which adds a genuine touch of quality to the overall feel of this live show.

BORIS finish their set with "Flood - part three". This, for those present, either became another highlight or another faltering aspect of this show. As this song, the third of four on the band's release in December 2000, is a hefty twenty minutes long you really do need to be in the right frame of mind to appreciate this one.

However, "Flood - part three" is the song with the most going on, so as far as choosing which part to perform this one is the song that stands out above the others. Wata and the accompanying guitarist begin with calming guitar riffs, then a distorted and disturbing guitar composition seeps through from the background, before both Wata and Takeshi take on the vocals in unison.

"Flood - part three" reaches its climax as Takeshi becomes the focus with a repeated riff on his double neck bass and background echoes from the guitar distortions add to the epic mood that this song is bringing.

For BORIS tonight, the set was pretty decent as they mixed a good range of the slower, instrumental and psychedelic rock tracks with the upbeat and dance rock tracks. The band was certainly on full form and played expertly whilst the crowd watched on and seemed to enjoy the music performed.