Boom Boom Satellites


Broken Mirror
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Boom Boom Satellites' "Broken Mirror" starts us off with the electric guitar, creeping in gradually with a slow and sensual, near grinding, melody. Michiyuki Kawashima (guitar and vocals) enters not long after with intriguingly suave vocals, not to mention the English lyrics which equally compliment the feel of this rather exciting sound that we are already hearing from the guitar. 
A slow, thumping drum beat accompanies, gradually becoming faster and encouragingly taking us into something more a little upbeat and possibly leading into what could be a dance track. 
As we come to the chorus this is made all the more clearer. With the electric guitar and the programming from Masayuki Nakano (bass and programming) combined, "Broken Mirror" becomes a track where the style lies somewhere between rock and dance. Listening to it for the first time you probably would not know whether to head bang, swing your body to the trance elements that seep through the rhythms, or jump to the beat of the drum. 
The faster beat remains and the rhythm stays constant as we come to the second verse. However what has been a continual grind of the guitar changes not long after this, offering a short solo that breaks up this consistency that "Broken Mirror" has been so far.
The slower tempo has again returned but unlike the opening of the track, the guitar and drums have become non existent and Michiyuki Kawashima now takes things solo with his voice alone. This is not the end, as soon the drum beat is again introduced, the slow rise of the beat comes into effect once more for yet another burst of energy and taking us from the bridge into the next chorus of the song perfectly. 
For a first release in two years, "Broken Mirror" is quite possibly six minutes of pure bliss for many fans of Boom Boom Satellites and whether you are playing this through headphones or speakers, this track deserves to be played at full volume to be appreciated.
"Broken Mirror" will be released officially on the 6th of June and will come in two editions, a Regular Edition and a Limited Press Edition. 
The Regular Edition will feature three tracks, the original "Broken Mirror" track (which is the main theme song of the theatrical anime "Mobile Suits Gundam UC episode 5") plus two remix versions. 
The Limited Edition will feature the title track, a remix track, and a 'Movie Edit' track.