Black Ganion

BBQ's, touring and avant-garde music... BLACK GANION gives Exclusive interview to Kirin...

For those who don't know Black Ganion can you please introduce yourselves and what the band means to you?

The music of Black Ganion to me is what reveals human emotions which is, generally speaking, not supposed to be shown any circumstances. The band therefore becomes means of being extreme but honest...  yet as a part of the society.


Where does the name Black Canion originate?

The name Black Ganion is taken from Pimp, written by Iceberg Slim.


Are their any any plans for a world tour?

There is a plan for the US tour again in 2011


Are there any bands you listened to when you were growing up that have had an influence on your music?

I have generally been into progressive rock from the 70s as well as punk music. Specifically those of which from 80s, so-called hard or grind -core from the scenes of the UK. I also went through many pieces of experimental/avant-garde music from the 50s onwards, and these have always been inspirational for my musical composition. For the precedence, the bands like King Crimsom, ELP, Napalm death, Crass, Einsturzende Neubauten, and This Heat are my all-time favourites.


Your music is very high energy, which is your favourite to perform live and why?

'Method' has always been my favourite piece. Its repetitive composition is quite enjoyable to play, and I like the moment reaching to a great leap beyond the rhythms.


For people who are just getting into your music, which song do you recommend they listen to first?

There is nothing better than 'Method' for those of whom never listened Black Ganion.


What do you all do in your spare time from the band?

We have a studio in the countryside where we can't do anything, and some casual sessions occasionally. To do really nothing is not that difficult as normally imagined (well, unless you have a set of bbq and fresh water to play with!), but to empty ourselves and from that emptiness we have some sort of detachment to the music we play just like somebody else's.


If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Definitely in the UK, its music scenes have always been like a holy grail to me, and I think it would be pleasure of mine to play there and rediscover what and how the country means to be a part of my own musical resources. I have also had some occasions to play with the bands such as Electric Wizard, The Wankys, Inner Terretrials and I would really like to have such opportunities again, not only in Japan but in their home ground.


Last year you went through 11 shows in just 10 days while in America, was that challenging for you or something you'd enjoy doing more often?

There is something exciting about moving around somewhere exotic, and the momentum as such sometimes becomes a driven force to generate some sort of energy during the performance. The experience like this could happen only once in a place so that is challenging in some ways to keep the spontaneity which is quite important for us performing in the band, Black Ganion.


Are there any differences between the fans in Japan and the fans around the world?

It seemed to me almost impossible to differentiate the people in Japan or the world. The binomial opposition as such, never works better than stating the funs anywhere in the world that they are all extremely energetic and exciting.


Any plans for the next couple of years?

In this coming October we will play around Japan with Laudanun and then start working on next albums. So that in earlier 2011 we will presumably have a series of studio sessions which will be released then played in the tours of our own, to the United States and wherever we can.


Finally, a message for the fans of the UK...

Thank you very much for your favour and I hope seeing you very soon!