Go for it Baby!
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Go For It Baby - Kioku no Sanmyaku", the 50th single release from popular rock band B'z, is another milestone achieved for their continuous contribution to the world of rock music. 
Introducing us first with the words, "Go for it baby" echoed in the background, the melody is quite subtle with an added piano composition. This is a slightly deceptive beginning as the title itself suggests something more fast paced which, as much as assumptions should never be wished upon too greatly, you would not be ignorant to assume that this track would be heading down that path. 
The suspicions and preconceptions would of course be correct as soon after we hear the more fast pace of the drum beat kick in, which is continued as the guitar also enters, giving us that classic B'z heavy and melodic rock sound we have again been waiting for. 
The vocals from Inaba Koshi are, also as anticipated, not disappointing with equally melodic and with that touch of unique quality about them which he can be distinguished easily for. He nails that rock and roll style completely with "Go For It Baby", the first on the band's new single, and as the song progresses further and the tempo evens itself out, there is this underlying provocative appeal to this song. 
The guitar composition (Takahiro 'Tak' Matsumoto) also adding to this mood of the song, reminiscent of Arrows' "I Love Rock And Roll" hinted in certain points, which develops through to the instrumental with a fantastic original solo following the pattern of that genre which B'z boasts.
The accompanying music video to "Go For It Baby" definitly has that sensuous factor to it as well that you might forget for a moment who you're actually watching. It combines contrasting black and white shots of the members with flashes of bright coloured images, mixing old style rock video with more current styles.
"Go For It Baby - Kioku no Sanmyaku" will be released on the 4th of April 2012 and will come in two different versions; Regular and Limited.  The Regular Edition will feature three songs in total, "Go For It Baby", "Honoka Naru Hi" and "Ryuusei Mask" whilst the Limited Edition holds the same tracks plus a bonus DVD featuring the music video and a live performance from their one day live at Shibuya-AX.