Written by Rachel Yarwood
Written by guitarist Imai Hisashi, this particular track on the single, from the very beginning evokes excitement. Something that, for BUCK TICK fans in general, will be a song that you can completely fall in love with. From the refreshing and pleasant opening melody of the guitar, the strong simplicity of Yagami's drum beat and the deep underlying bass rhythm, this song holds a whisper of their 90's material yet modernizing it at the same without the sense that they are trying to experiment too much. 
As the song progresses there are subtle effects that have been used, such as a 'shooting star' sound effect which rises and falls, as well as the vocal harmonies that have many layers to them which you could very well miss unless you had this on a decent enough volume (or with a good pair of earphones) to catch. 
Sakurai's vocals are just as strong as ever. His style of singing for this track alone really seem to tell the story of "MISS TAKE", full of emotion and drama, with a hint of romanticism to them yet at the same time there also seems to be a little bit of despair.
All in all there is nothing at all that can be considered a fault with "MISS TAKE" as it is simply just a solid rock song, both flawless and beautiful, in melody and in the vocals.
The single "MISS TAKE  ~Boku was Miss Take~" will be available officially to buy on the 4th of July and it will be released in two editions, Regular and Limited. 
The Regular Edition will feature three tracks, "MISS TAKE", "Only You" and "My baby Japanese -type 2-". The first press, which unfortunately will only count in Japan, will also feature an application card to win a place to see the recording of a new music video. 
The Limited Edition will feature all three tracks plus a bonus DVD with the music video for "MISS TAKE".
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Kuchizuke" starts us off with a slightly slow opening. It is very eerie, dark and gothic but there is also this enchanting theme to the song and to Sakurai's vocals with which he does a rather enticing job at drawing you in with the first line of the verse.
The second part of the verse however is a little more upbeat and instantly a toe-tapper, by no means is it pop though, it is more melodic rock, however Sakurai’s vocals are still low in tone and still have that eerie-ness as he exaggerates some of his last words of each line with a sensual and deep sigh.
Although the chorus is a tad more melodic still, it is definitely short lived as Imai Hisashi invites you back into the gothic sense of the song with this 'twangy', almost aristocratic 'music box' tune, on his guitar.
The bass and the rhythm guitar, skilfully played by Higuchi Yutaka and Hoshino Hidehiko work in perfect harmony with each other and you wouldn't expect any less from them given the years they have behind them... they aren't exactly rookies in this line of business.
So in conclusion, "Kuchizuke" is definitely a win for both Buck Tick and their fans. Whilst having that slow and edgy feel to the verses and then flipping it around to a catchier and up beat chorus, Buck Tick leave no room for improvement in this sense. After a hell of a wait, they have hit back with some pretty damn good stuff in their hands, which is both impressive and a relief.
The quintet rockers will very soon be releasing a long awaited, brand spanking new album entitled "Razzle Dazzle" on October 13th (which is a Wednesday phew!).

Dokudanjo Beauty
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
With their last album, “Memento Mori” being released over a year ago, and with no new releases since then, this is certainly a great breath of fresh air from the band. ‘Dokudanjou Beauty’s up-beat tempo and rhythm clearly shine through, rising above the band’s previous releases; ‘HEAVEN’ and ‘Galaxy’, both songs somewhat slower in comparison to this single, and offering no competition to this new release.
With a punchy beat, Hidehiko Hoshino and Hisashi Imai’s impeccable guitar playing is pretty subtle. Nothing overly awe inspiring it still sounds fun none-the-less. However, the bass line played by Yutaka Higuchi ties the instruments together superbly, keeping the tempo up and what one can only describe as a happy feeling bouncing through your body as you listen.
The tinkling of the hi-hats and the smashes upon the crash cymbals by Yagami Toll keeps the beat of the song in place as well, giving a timely beat to keenly tap out upon the nearest available surface that your fingers have. It is clear, that these musicians are certainly skilled in giving that “complete” feeling to a song, interlocking their instruments sounds together in a way that gives a song that will truly get stuck on repeat in your head, in one way or another.
Atsushi Sakurai brings the piece its fulfilment. Reaching high notes with a resonating vibration to his voice, he adds that compulsory extra fun throughout his lyrics for good measure. The instruments corresponding with his singing in a way that works, even the background addition of keyboards by guitarist Hoshino helps to bring all ties together giving a rather catchy number.
Pleasing to say that all first impressions were not in vain. When reviewing such a captivatingly, funkilicious single such as this…when is the next release going to be?