Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Elizabeth", BLOOD's second 'maxi-single', is set to be released officially on the 26th October and comes with three new tracks; "Elizabeth", "Fake and Fake" and "Sweetest Disease".
"Elizabeth" begins with distorted vocals, charming yet at the same time with this underlying eerie tone, before Dora (drums) sets the pace of the song, strong and rapid alongside the equally powerful guitars (Kazuha and Kiwamu) and bass (Azami).
Hayato (vocals) follows suit, with deep and guttural growls. There is also a certain element of gothic about him during the verses, which draws you in to the mood and story of the song completely, however the chorus changes just so slightly that the music becomes more upbeat and Hayato's vocals adds a little more melody to the song.
Kiwamu and Kazuha, both on guitar, stay consistently strong through out the course of "Elizabeth". The rhythm is powerful, something that you may class as more metal than anything else, which is enhanced by the continuous crashes of the drum's cymbals and near continuous, heavy beat.
The accompanying video for "Elizabeth" is the second part to the previous video "Bathory". We have the same gloomy room, the chained woman, but this time with a bit more blood... the actual substance, not to be mistaken for the band. In effect, the two singles combined and the two videos combined, are more than likely (most probably) a musical and artistic recreation of the historical Elizabeth of Bathory.
BLOOD's "Elizabeth" arguably does not stand out quite like "Bathory" does. Perhaps the reason is down to "Bathory" being the band's first single release after their announced return earlier this year, so it is quite obvious that excitement would have been tremendously high at the news.
Nevertheless, "Elizabeth" is still a new single release to be commended. The story line and the lyrics laced with tragedy, the music combining the gothic, the metal and the softer melancholy side of BLOOD, everything that has gone into this single release make it one to go down on your list to listen to. 

Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
The newly reformed BLOOD return with new members as well as their first maxi-single since their revival, entitled “Bathory” which was released on June 15th.
There is certainly a gothic feel as the single begins, the atmospheric and yet somewhat, haunting sounds alongside eerie murmuring, creates a creepy stream of goosebumps up your arms… and THEN, the instruments begin, ploughing into one another in what can only be described as destructive, heavy and gothic.
We shall begin with the most prominent sound in “Bathory”, with that being Azami (Misaruka) on bass. The heavy bass line pounds through the background with such a distinct thud, leaving drummer Dora to follow in its footsteps, the drumbeat being repetitive and forceful.
On guitars we have Kiwamu and Kazuha, their playing far from being drowned out by the power of the bass and drumbeat, notes mixing perfectly with the each other and the backing, although it sounds altogether a little hectic in places when all the instruments play together, it works well in keeping the energetic, almost desperate, sound within the track.
Vocalist Hayato has a very unique voice, his choruses are sung well and in tune, with well placed vibratos on his longer notes, then he comes in with roars and screams which again, are so well placed, bringing the piece to its fruition.
The backing synth has a transient mix of higher pitch techno sounds alongside more creepy, atmosphere inducing noises, ripping through the darker tones of the instruments, but not distracting from the overall piece. Queue in some more eerie sounds, like the lingering chimes before the thunderously heavy instrumental and you have a very unique mix overall.
The promotional video is mainly cast in a vast variety of dark blues, from navy through to midnight-blacks, with the odd red showing through and the bright sheen of white light; this increases the gothic imagery the band aims to express. Team that with what can only be described as being trapped, a girl thrust behind bars and chained to a bed, blood and death… it seems to give the feel that there’s is literally no way out; it’s a rather dark PV but is well shot and fits the song down to the last note.
The second track on the single is titled “Reality”, after listening to this song it is hard to imagine listening to the title track without then moving straight into the second.  Whereas “Bathory” is a lot faster paced then “Reality” the two compliment each other nicely.
This is a brilliant first release from the newly revived BLOOD; the single comes with a CD, DVD and 16-page booklet. The CD containing: “Bathory”, “Reality” and finally a third track entitled “Counting Rhymes”. The DVD contains the promotional video.
“Bathory” Can be purchased from the Starwave Records online shop, Tainted Reality, CD Baby and even from CD Japan.