Kirin Works spoke to Kiwamu on behalf of BLOOD
as they announce their last European tour...

You have a Europe tour lined up for April, which city/country are you most looking forward to playing?

Kiwamu: With this tour, I didn’t do the show bookings by myself, I had Ramen Events book all the shows. Some of the years I have booked shows, I worked with promoters who would cancel the tour if they didn’t get a good reaction from ticket selling. This isn’t good for fans or the bands. This makes them lose support from the fans and bands, so I nickname them “Mr. Cancel”, and “Miss. Cancel”. I have never cancelled shows myself. So… I don’t really have to worry about this question and where I’m looking forward to playing as I know Ramen Events will do their best for this tour in every area.


Will you be bringing Azami to the Europe tour or will he remain at home with Misaruka?

Kiwamu: This year, Misaruka will be too busy! So I won’t bring him to the tour in Europe. He is just a support member in Japan. On the tour, Kazuha will play the bass.


How are the rest of BLOOD preparing for the tour? Are they looking forward to it?

Kiwamu: We just do our best at our shows. On this tour, there are many one-man shows for us, so we need to take care of our health. If we catch a cold, it will be a bad show., so that will be bad for us and the fans.


You have mentioned this will be the last European tour for BLOOD, why is this?

Kiwamu: There are 2 reasons. One is I am very busy with my labels in Japan. If I go on the foreign tour, my job in that part of the industry will pause for a while. So I won’t go to the foreign cities anymore. And some fans always think "next time I will go" But many fans must know "the band is not forever" If you think "next time", BLOOD may disband or may pause. There is only one way to say this! “There will not be a next time!!!”


Can Europe expect any other of your label's bands to tour this year?

Kiwamu: Yeah, if promoters can book my label artist, this is good for me and my label artists too. I hope my label artists can go to there.


What do you feel is the most exciting project to come out of your label in the coming year?

Kiwamu: I will be doing a lot of promotion for Misaruka and Tokami on this year. I hope they can get the good reactions from fans that they deserve. Yesterday Misaruka had the video shooting at the church. It was very very nice. I hope we can show that work to fans soon…


BLOOD have released two singles so far, [Bathory] and [Elizabeth], are there any plans for a full length or mini album?

Kiwamu: In this year, we will release a 3rd single. After that, I want to release the full album as 4th period BLOOD. Please check our activities!


Playing shows in Japan, how have the fans adjusted/welcomed the new line up within BLOOD?

Kiwamu: 3rd period BLOOD was based on the melodious vocalist’s style. But 4th period BLOOD is the live show style. It is very different to before. So our fan's reaction is very good in  regards to the live show concept.


Can you describe the positives and negatives in the differences between Japanese and overseas fans?

Kiwamu: Recently in foreign countries, the J-rock movement is gone. So now there are only real fans of J-rock in other countries. If we go to there, we can see them at the show which is very nice. Visual kei is a form of traditional music in Japan. That genre has a lot of impact., so new fans join in that movement. But now the ‘easy’, weak fans are gone. I am not sad about them going because now there are only real fans.


Can you describe to us the positives and negatives of being in the position you are in the music industry?

Kiwamu: I went to the US and Canada  last fall for a tour. Many people didn't buy our CD because of  the ability to download it illegally, which is a bad situation. illegal download.  So I thought of a new idea for the tour. I can't say that because many rivals check my interview! (laughs) But my label will work in a different way to everyone else.


Are there any other artists you'd like to collaborate with from another label or band?

Kiwamu: Now, I am thinking about a collaboration with another label. Starwave Records became popular more than 2 years ago. I hope we can get more chances to work with another artists and labels.


Finally a message for the UK....

Kiwamu: I am working seriously hard for my label and band. Please check my website ^^