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Birthday Review

Zetsubo no Taiyo
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Zetsubo no Taiyo" is a very strong opening to Awoi's newest single release of the year after the triumph of their last mini album "Birthday" late last year. 
There are heavy guitars (Shou / SIN) and a strong pounding bass line (Saki) that back them through out. The drums from Ryo too are sensational which altogether give "Zetsubo no Taiyo" a remarkable metal feel. 
Otogi's vocals are equally exceptional as he uses a decent amount of both heavy and deep screams as well as melody. Both styles fully compliment the sound of this song as the music itself never slows even for a second, not even as Otogi swaps to the lovely melodies.
"Zetsubo no Taiyo" is a fast paced, energetic, and fantastic rock song as an opening piece and is an absolute thrill to listen to. 
 "Screaming Idol", which is the second track on the single, has opening elements a little similar to "Parasite". As an experimental b-side track the addition of electronica gives this track a exciting sound but still maintaining the energy and the thrashing heavy rock quality. 
 "Suichuuka" is the track on the release that slows things down. The drums tone down dramatically, as do the guitar work, and we also have an introduction of classical elements as well. However "Eden", which is the last track on the Regular Edition, changes things again and as this song begins we realise that we are likely in for something completely different now as opposed to the other tracks on the release. 
There is a mix of what sounds like sitars and low droning vocals before one crash on the drums and one terrific scream from Otogi. It is overall a haunting piece to listen to, but also absolutely spell bounding at the same time, which shows what great and diverse skills they have as musicians. 
 "Zetsubo no Taiyo" will be released officially on the 3rd of April and it will come in three editions in total; Regular and Limited Editions A and B. The Regular Edition will feature four tracks in total as mentioned, "Zetsubo no Taiyo", "Screaming Idol", "Suichuuka" and "Eden". The Limited Edition A will feature the first three tracks only plus an additional DVD with the music video for "Zetsubo no Taiyo". Finally the Limited Edition B will feature the same three tracks but the additional DVD will hold live footage performing their song "Sentimental Last Scene".