Anli Pollicino
12th May 2011


Thank you to the
Anli Pollicino staff for their translation and to the members of AP for their photograph...

How did you decide on the name Anli Pollicino?

Shindy: The time when we started this band, names like "the Gazette" and "Dir en grey" were popular. Such names have impact and they sound cool too, but we wanted to break that image and make up a totally different name. At that time the name "Pollicino" hit us. Not a Japanese, English or French name, but Italian name instead which would be unusual. Furthermore, if we would add the name "Anli", it would sound like a brand name, which would be amusing. We decided to create a new brand (musical one), and that is how the name "Anli Pollicino" was made.

How did you all meet?

Kiyozumi: Everything started when I met Shindy in a live house in Tokyo. Shindy and I kept contacting each other since then and Anli Pollicino started to form when we asked Shindy's old band members, Yo-1 and Takuma, to join us. Masatoshi was the last one to join the band, first as a support bassist.

If you could be any other member of the band who would you be?

Shindy: I wouldn't want to be anyone of them (laughs).

Takuma: Kiyozumi. Because he is always eating delicious things.

Yo-1: I would like to try being Masatoshi and perform a live as him. Reason is his growling singing voice and the head banging he does. Those are skills that I could never master myself(laughs).

Masatoshi: Takuma. The reason is that I want to know how it feels like playing those guitar solos.

Kiyozumi: Takuma. I would like to try to play an instrument like a violin once.

What are the worst traits of each member?

Shindy: Alcohol is not good for Takuma. Yo-1 tend to be careless. Masatoshi is noisy in a tour bus. Kiyozumi talks a lot of perverted things.

Takuma: Shindy gets irritated if he can't do things at his own pace. Yo-1 won't hear people talking if he is concentrated on something. Masatoshi's tension changes violently. Kiyozumi is a little bit dull sometimes.

Yo-1: Sometimes Shindy is not on time on meetings. Once Takuma has fallen asleep, he won't woke up no matter what you do. Masatoshi always makes fun of me. Kiyozumi's worst part is his driving. He is such a speeder.

Masatoshi: Why are you are not asking about the best traits!(;-;) Shindy is very emotional in a bad but also good way. But lately he has been quite calm! It is impossible to wake up Takuma if he falls asleep (laughs.) When Yo-1 is concentrated on something he won't hear a thing. Kiyozumi won't get mad no matter what. There are good and bad sides about that...

Kiyozumi: All of them arrive later than me in rehearsals!

What is the best and worst part about being in Anli Pollicino?

Shindy: The best part being in Anli Pollicino is that I have been able to come across many people and the fact that I have been able to be deeply moved by many things. The worst part is being always busy due to release deadlines and live shows, so I hardly have any time to relax on my free time.

Takuma: The best part is the music that five of us are making together. There is no worst part.

Yo-1: Everybody in Anli Pollicino has passion for music, and that is something you can sense during a live performance. But the strength of that passion always causes troubles while we are throwing a party between band members.

Masatoshi: The best parts are the feeling you have achieved something when a new song is finished, and the feeling during live shows when you feel you have gotten better in playing. And of course I were able to do the European tour because I am in Anli Pollicino (laughs). The worst part is lack of sleeping hours. This band is seriously in a need of a good sleep (laughs).

Kiyozumi: Being in Anli Pollicino, you are able to see all member's individualities very clearly. During the live shows tension is very high! There is no other bad things expect other members arriving late to the rehearsals...

If you weren't in the band, what would you be working as?

Shindy: I think that being in this band is a fate so I don't really know(laughs). But I wanted to become a journalist when I was a child.

Takuma: I guess I would have ended up being an alcoholic or a junkie. It would be impossible for me to work normally as a company employee or something like that(laughs).

Yo-1: I would be a chef or a novelist. If it weren't for a music, I would still be "making" something.

Masatoshi: Something related to social work.

Kiyozumi: I guess I would be keeping a hotel! I like to communicate with people.

How would you describe the band to someone who has never listened to your music?

Shindy: Destructively emotional, sensually melodic. Delicate rock that is about to break.

Takuma: We know how to combine love and grief.

Yo-1: If you would listen to Anli Pollicino's music, you would be able to take a trip to a fantasy world. Anyway, it is hard to explain so I want you to listen to our CD once!

Masatoshi: Extremely hot band! Well I am in it (laughs).

Kiyozumi: Exceptional melody and thickness of the sound are Anli Pollicino's weapons! If you haven't heard Anli Pollicino yet, please give it a try!

In 2010 you completed a European tour, what are you best memories and worst memories from this?

Shindy: The best memory is the moment when I realized that there are many Anli fans, boys and girls, in such distant places supporting us. The worst memory is a huge fight between members in Paris. As a result hotel's window was smashed (laughs). Well, now we are able to laugh at the very Anli-like matter(laughs).

Takuma: The best part was being able to see different countries and cultures, and the fact we had the most supreme audience at the concerts. The worst part was the very tight schedule.

Yo-1: The best part was being able to perform in many countries and communicate with fans of many nationals. I guess the worst part was a fight between band members in Paris...

Masatoshi: Naturally, the best memories were made when I were able to meet people from many different countries. It was great to make Anli Pollicino known in many countries, too. The worst memories are many hours spent in a tour buss and food (after all, it is hard for Japanese person to live without rise...) and the fact that I got tired of looking at other members faces (laughs).

Kiyozumi: The best memory is the passion of the people who came to see our shows! Tension was very high during the shows. And it was great to see different cities and beautiful landscapes. And there were so many different beers! The worst memory is when we went to eat out in a Japanese restaurant and the food tasted strange. I learned to appreciate Japanese food more!

How did you get into music?

Shindy: I started playing a piano when I was 3 years-old. I started playing in a cover band when I was 13 years-old with my junior high school friends.

Takuma: My motive to start playing music was a violin that I used to play when I was small. My motive to start playing in a band was a certain anniversary live that I saw during junior high school.

Yo-1: My motive for starting music was the fact that I was invited by a childhood friend to a band in the role of a vocalist.

Masatoshi: I used to watch my friend playing a guitar. At first I was a bit disappointed that acoustic guitar couldn't make a much of a rock sound (laughs).

Kiyozumi: I started to play music influenced by my friend who owned a studio. I also saw their band playing live and I was so impressed that I wanted to start a band too.

What is the first record you remember hearing from when you were young?

Shindy: Billy Joel's Piano Man.

Takuma: It was some kind of a classical music record.

Yo-1: It was a recorded tape of Dragonball Z and Saint Seiya anime theme songs.

Masatoshi: Jamiroquai. My mother used to listen to it.

Kiyozumi: The original soundtrack of the Final Fantasy game. I was impressed by the various songs it included.

Finally do you have a message for the UK?

Shindy: Hello UK! I am Anli Pollicino's vocalist Shindy. The UK is a country of rock origins, and I have been influenced by many artists from the UK. I have always admired the UK very much. During 2010 European tour we sadly didn't have any show in the UK, but I really want to play there next time.

Takuma: I really admire the UK's fashion and music. I was very disappointed by the fact we couldn't go to the UK during last year's European tour, so I really want to go there next time. Please wait for us.

Yo-1: Beatles and Sex Pistols! It is an honour being able to give a message to people of the UK, which have such a deep musical history. I would really like the UK's people to listen our CD! And I am really hoping that some day we could be able to perform a live full of passion in the UK, too!

Masatoshi: I hope many people of the UK will get to know Anli Pollicino by reading this interview! I really would like to play in the UK. If somebody asks us we will go for sure!

Kiyozumi: If there ever will be a chance to play in the UK, we will show you the hottest live ever! Thank you for reading the interview of Anli Pollicino!